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CDW Learns Photoshop So Her Blog Will Be Rich and Famous Too


CDW Asks the Big Burning Questions


Shrimp Crab Pasta Sauce with Diablo Sauce


Feather Foot, The Legend of the Mountain Doctor Returns


And Then There Was This One Time… At Panera…

To Wii or Not To Wii


The Legendary Algae Hunters of Olden Timeth


A Friendly Suggestion for the Local Municipal Pool


The Oracle Answers


CDW Choreorganizers


God Sends Sign, Corn Dog More Holy


Grey Gardens Fashion Show



Love Letters

My Contest Essay for Martha Stewart

Box O’ Crap


Our Free Vacation


Othello in a Nut Shello


What a Cow Wants, What a Cow Needs


Clay Gives Marriage Advice


Drew’s Disease


Creating Memories and Helping…?

Explaining Myself


Did I Ever Tell You About Drew’s Weird Ear?


The Statue of Liberty Play


Board Games with the Brethern

The Secret to a Happy Life… Put it on a Tray


The Freaky Fruit Fest

My Secret Pleasure Breakfast Device


In Search of a Perfect Cup of Tea


A Visit to the Specialists


I Was Raised by Abraham Lincoln


The Seasons of a Garden Urn


The Great Christmas Tree Experiment

Talkin’ Corn Stove

Merely Marginal… I Wish I had a Ruffled Sock


How to Throw a Really Rockin’ Eighties Party


CDW Sucks Air out of Entire Universe During 80′s Extravaganza


Speaking of the Nudes on April’s Veranda


When You Visit My Sister


Conversation With an Oracle


Jack the Knife

Fabio and the Ivory Billed Woodpecker


Nancy Drew Through the Years


The Pearl, The Oracle, and The Scrubbing Brush


The Prize Box


Salvaged Brick Sidewalk


Ground Breaking Summer Recipe


Pickle Ball!

Mother Fails to Wear Appropriate Fan Garb to Son’s Game AGAIN!


San Francisco Cold Grips Hearty Midwesterners by the Throat


Kids Fail to Understand City Appeal… Demand Beach

The Aggressively Friendly Nudist

What Alcatraz Needs is a Puppet Show

The Aggressively Friendly Nudist… The Explanation


The Magic Japanese Tea of SanFrancisco


I…I…(gulp)… I Raised My Hand

Homeless on our Honeymoon


The Pyro Crew


The British Are Coming!  The British Are Coming!


Corn on the Cob 101


Show Cat Upstages New Barn Door



The Fabulous Fudge Cake Debacle

A Proper English Tea

Second Son Shows Proclivity to Bond…James Bond