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Letters have always been a big part of my life. One of my earliest memories growing up on the misty moors of Topeka, Kansas, is of watching a man on TV writing a letter by lamplight with a quill pen while a voiceover revealed the contents of the letter. From that moment on, I’ve been fascinated by movies that feature scenes of people writing or reading letters with voiceovers. This led to a secondary interest in writing and reading letters myself, and that’s what I’m here to do. My aim is to help you with your problems and questions and maybe even learn a few things about myself and bring the winking-frowny-face emoticon ;-( into wider use in the process. I’m a regular reader of Carolyn Hax, Dan Savage, and Miss Manners, and I channel Ann Landers, Confucius, someone who claims he’s King Solomon, and the person who wrote all the most insightful dialogue for Ward Cleaver on Leave it to Beaver, so I think I should be pretty well equipped to dispense advice about or comment on any and all subjects, and my easy access to online guides to grammar and punctuation enables me to express my thoughts elegantly and clearly. Welcome to my advice-giving blog thingy.


If you have a problem that you feel Dear Charles can help you with, or even if you have a problem that you are convinced he would only make worse, please consider laying it all out in a letter to him.  He loves letters… all letters… and getting a letter from Dear Charles is a bit like getting a letter… from… a guy… that you don’t really know very well… or actually at all…but it so well stated and hilarious and written in almost grotesquely perfect grammar that you wonder why you didn’t write to him long before.

You may send your letter to Dear Charles at or simply fill out the below form…


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