Comment Policy

Dear Reader,

Over the course of my blogging experience, I have developed a love/hate relationship with comments.  I believe there is a real danger for a writer to allow comments to become his/her editorial board and overly influence the direction, tone and authenticity of what is being said.  At one point in my blogging history, I became terrified of pissing off the Christian homeschoolers and the ultra conservative religious folks who visited this site.  So I began to tiptoe around certain topics, avoided others and in general kept everything that I posted at the far ends of what the religious right could tolerate.

Then I became an atheist…

And well… I just stopped giving a shit.

Some of my posts tend to fire people up and generate lots of hate.  This is especially the case when I write about certain areas of religion and of course, Pioneer Woman.  Since I love to write about both of those topics, I have come to accept a large amount of ‘heated’ comments at the end of my posts.  I don’t mind dissent and I can take vast amount of criticism.  There is however a point when I start to crumble and I have to protect myself.  Therefore if a comment targets my marriage, my family, my facial features, the circumference of my ever expanding thighs, my hair color, or the fragile beauty of my gorgeous show-cats – or if a comment has been stated so many times that it is trite and boring, or is just especially weirdly vicious, I will take it down or not allow it to come through the filter.  I do have a filter set up on the blog that catches some comments and I let almost all of them through unless they fall into one of the above stated categories.  And then there are the times that I am just feeling especially bruised and vulnerable and opt to exercise my right to delete.  Sorry if you posted your venom on one of those days and I failed to let it through…. sort of