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The final chapter in the thrilling family saga of one desperate woman, her swarming brood of boys, a Country Doctor and a Pond.

Last night a few hours after we carefully released about 800 baby fish into our new pond, it started to rain. It rained and rained and rained. And then about 9:00 pm it turned from rain to deluge. It deluged and deluged and deluged.

See these pipes…

When these pipes get partially submerged like they are now, water pours out of our pond through these pipes to the backside of our dam…

…and down these beautiful scrap rock falls. I decided to name these falls – “Free Fish Falls” today.

Because this is probably where all of our precious baby fish went after the deluge. They poured through the pipes, down “Free Fish Falls” and then into the swamp which today I named “Liberty Fish Swamp”.

Then the baby fish slowly find their way to the neighbor’s pond – which I hereby christen “Something For Nothing Pond”.

All of our little fishies are probably happily swimming around in “Something For Nothing Pond.” The stinking little traitors!