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The Country Doctor built himself a stone staircase.

It goes up a hill at the back of our property.

There is nothing back there except an old fence and the neighbor’s field.

Sometimes Dylan, the neighbor’s son uses the steps when he walks over to see Ethan.

So we call them Dylan’s steps.

It is Spirit Week at the local middle school and today was 80′s day.

I had the rare pleasure of  styling my son’s hair, blow drying it into a poofy pompadour, rolling his jeans, loosening his high-top sneakers and most importantly getting that collar to STAND UP!

Then I took a series of very weak photos to display our effort.


I can’t be the stylist AND the photographer!

And this is the CD a few nights ago wearing plaid and plaid.

He is fiercely unafraid to bust the boundaries of the fashion world WIDE OPEN!

Tales from the Exam Room

October 20th, 2009

This post originally ran in April 2007

The country doctor had the sad task today to inform a nice elderly lady that she had cancer. The lady came in with her husband and they sat together in the office while the country doctor went over the various options for her treatment.

After the lady and the doctor had talked quite a while, the country doctor turned towards the husband who had been silent throughout the entire discussion.

“Bob” asked the country doctor wanting to comfort the man, “Do you have any questions?”

Bob was silent for quite a while and then he said, “Well…I have this hole…right here in my tooth – and I can stick the end of a toothpick all the way in it. Do I have a cavity?”