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Before we left the house, Drew wanted to make sure the house sitter (my mom) had ample instructions.

We lunched on April’s Veranda en route to the airport.

Who are these boys watching the airplanes take off and land???  Are these my boys?  My boys that think they are soooooo big?  My boys who think they are so grown up and know everything already?  

This was Jack’s first flight.  I let his big brother Drew do all the explaining.  

Like how you are supposed to grip your ears throughout the entire flight…

Or at least until the snacks arrived…

Here is  CDW travel tip #1.  When flying Southwest Airlines AKA The Gypsy Wagon of the Skies, you must always request a whole can of whatever beverage you order.  Go ahead.  Just ask for the full can.  Then you will not have to try and subsist on a meager half can for the entire flight. 
I learned this tip from my mom.  
Thanks mom.  
And please hug the cats for Drew.
Oh and trust me – my family is a big part of the gypsy problem.  We did not bring a crate of live chickens on board, but one of my sons contributed greatly to the stench by farting until his insides were on the outside.   Which brings me to CDW travel tip #2 – Do not feed your sons baked beans the day before a flight.   

CDW Travel Tip #3.  If the internet tells you on your blog to bring warm clothes.  Do not scoff.  They are right.  San Francisco is perhaps the coldest place on earth.  And also very bleak.  Cold and bleak, this is San Francisco.  If you are a hearty Midwesterner, you may find this idea hard to wrap your mind around.   It was hard for me.  How can California be cold and bleak? How is that possible?  But it is.  So bring your long underwear.  

CDW Travel Tip #4 –  Get the tourist traps out of the way first.  

We continued our battle against the cold by switching to jeans.  Then we huddled together and tried to create friction to keep warm.  It is not very hard to create friction in our family.

You will buy hot fried food in an attempt to keep warm….

Your youngest, wisest son will choose a corn dog…..

Then you will purchase hot beverages to try and keep warm.  Your youngest son will drop his hot beverage in a store forcing your entire family to have to slink out of the store unnoticed… which yes, brings us to CDW Travel Trip #5 - Practice your slinking skills before traveling with children.  

CDW Trave Tip #6 - Beware the clowns at Fisherman’s Wharf.