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We have no idea what we are talking about in this video. None of us. But that does not keep us from having opinions.

Because we do so much “calf wrestling”.

And I don’t know WHEN I will ever start to remember that I can’t film with my camera turned sideways!

First, you select your wardrobe.





There are boots, hats, coats…






And chaps…






Clay quickly learned how to properly manipulate them.







The Country Doctor got more country than he has ever gotten before.






And by the way, this photo was not taken at night.

It is dark outside that window because the sun has not yet risen.




Marlboro Man picked us up at the lodge, and Ree met us at the place where they keep their horses.





Marlboro Man and his two daughters got everyone saddled up.




And that’s when the three horsemen of the apocalypse showed up.






I did not get to spend much time with Ree’s girls…

but if you ever thought that maybe they were pretty sweet

just by looking at their photos on their mother’s blog…


you were wrong.

They are far sweeter.

And do they ever know their way around a horse.

And a ten day old calf.





While their mom knows her way around one of these thingys…



You may have seen a few photos like this one before.






And maybe also a few that looked like this…






As hard as they all tried…






They could not make the old ‘point from a horse’ look as good as Marlboro Man makes it look.





Sorry honey…

but… no.




And then something amazing happened!

Right in front of my eyeballs.  

A baby calf tried to run away from the herd!

Marlboro Man chased it down on his horse!

He twirled his rope above his head!

And lassoed that little cow right back to where it belonged!

Do you understand what I am saying here?

Let me slow it down a bit…

MM sped across a pasture… on a horse… and caught a running cow… with a rope.

As if he had done it a million times before…

As if he did that kind of thing every day.

As if it were nothing!

The same way that other people blink, or swallow, or breathe.





And then for some reason… all the cows lined up in a perfect row to eat.





And we headed back to the lodge for breakfast.


And no honey….

I was not on a horse.







Do you think I am insane?

Early Morning Cup O' Joe

April 18th, 2009

All I can tell you is that when I saw the inside of Ree’s refrigerator, I knew we were going to get along just fine.