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Hmmmmm.. my stay at Pioneer Woman’s lodge seems to have these strange religious overtones… First the Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse show up… and then a visit from the Oracle… and now the Last Supper…  Can someone please interpret these omens… these signs… these portents… for me.  

Oh wait!  I am sure The Oracle Known as Steve will be able to explain it all to me the next time I see him.  

He usually does.


Our last night at the lodge was celebrated with a simple but superb meal.  





Marlboro Man cut the ribeye steaks right off of a cow!  

He then seasoned them, and grilled them to a perfection that I did not know existed on this temporal plane we call middle earth.





Ree made a salad.



And some garlic mashed potatoes.  




And then while everyone else stood around…

telling Ree jokes…

drinking wine… 



Swapping stories…


with their arms hanging uselessly at their sides…




I set the table.  


Someone has to do the work around here!



Ree asked me if I was setting the table…

…or conducting a social experiment.



I told her to give me some more potatoes.






This was our meal.  It was delicious.  I am looking at this photo of our dinner and thinking about Marilyn who is always plating things.  I learned the art of plating from Marilyn.  I learned the word ‘plating’ from Marilyn.  Sorry Marilyn… probably not plated very well… as you know… I plated it.

But it was DELICIOUS!  

Oh my gosh!

We dug into that meal and ate with  the gusto of real cowboys.  Because we were real cowboys.  We rode horses!  We wrestled calves!  We had figured out how to put on a pair of chaps!  We had all dozed off to the sound of my sister’s voice asking MM ten thousand questions about ranching.  So, we were hungry… famished… ravenous!   And the meal was delicious!  It was like dancing with a sunrise, floating on a moonbeam, riding on a unicorn, sliding down a mountain into a silvery lake of clouds.  It was a perfect meal.  



And then I met Cowboy Josh.  



And my heart will never be the same again.


April 23rd, 2009

Does anyone remember the post that Pioneer Woman wrote a while back about how fast her son was?


I have to admit that it was difficult for me to understand what she meant. Who exactly was her son beating in all these races? His one male cousin? His sisters? His baby brother? I suggested to Ree that perhaps she should take her boy up to the local public school playground and test him out during a morning recess. Then perhaps she could have bragging rights about her son’s speed.

At least, that’s what I thought until I met him face to face…

Or face to vibrating air molecules…


All four of the kids dropped by the lodge for a few minutes on Saturday night during out last meal at the lodge.  The girls tread softly up to the table with sweet, shy smiles…

The baby immediately crawled all over his mom… 






…and then there was this orange blur… this orange blur, with blond hair and devastating dimples.  

He existed only as a momentary flash of light …

…and then he was gone.

After we got back from ‘calf wrestling‘, it was time to make some breakfast.  I found a cast iron pan in a cabinet, and started frying up some bacon on the island cooktop.  There were a lot of people to feed, so someone set another cast iron pan on the stove and I filled it with a second package of bacon.  A few minutes later, Marlboro Man entered the lodge, assessed the situation and felt that we oughtta move the bacon to the ‘other’ stove top as there was no ventilation on the stove we were using.  So we moved the two pans.  After that, Marlboro Man stayed pretty close to the bacon process.  After watching us ‘wrestle calves’ and then discovering us using the wrong stove to cook bacon, he did not seem to really trust us around the open flame on the gas stove.  I can’t really say that I blame him.  He is very comfortable in the kitchen by the way.  He cooked right along side Ree throughout the weekend.  Maybe she should have a section called ‘Marlboro Man Cooks’.



I wanted to post a few photos of MM and P-Dub together, because we never get to see the two of them together.  






And this is when Clay explained the internet to Pioneer Woman.  

I think she is seeing all sorts of possibilities.





I finally have all the contest winners announced in the various sections.  

Go see if you won anything!


Tomorrow afternoon, the Oracle Known as Steve tours the lodge.