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Suffering For Their Art

October 31st, 2010

Believe it or not, they are fighting over the piano.

A Halloween Party in the Barn

October 31st, 2010

We hosted a middle school Halloween party in the barn.

Guess whose kid wore his little brother’s gingerbread man costume?


It really was a fun party.  The kids danced for three straight hours.

We interspersed the dancing with a few activities.  We used a PVC pipe for a limbo stick, took the kids out on a star-lit hike through a pasture that was literally crawling with zombies and chainsaw wielding madmen, and even hosted a little ‘Project Runway Halloween’ in which the kids had to work in a group to transform a sack full of odd, old clothes into a fabulous ensemble and ‘make it work’.

They had such a good time and enjoyed themselves so much that I have decided from now on….

I am only partying with seventh graders.

A Fabulous Fall Salad

October 29th, 2010

My garden, she still grows.

I’ve got broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach and a variety of lettuces going strong.

We hosted a med. staff party last weekend, so I harvested a large bowl of salad fixins to accompany the party boofay.

Here are the properly washed greens.

I threw a few nasturtiums in for color.

A few handfuls of dried cranberries…

Toasted pecans.


A splash or two of apple cider vinegar…

And olive oil that has been warmed on the stove.

I adjusted the seasoning to taste adding sugar, salt and pepper, and then a bit more of everything until it came out right.

This is a wilted salad – thus the warmed oil.

Don’t you just feel healthier by looking at it?

You can find the recipe that inspired it here.