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Did anyone else see that article on Yahoo today? Something to the effect of “Driven People Are Less Likely To Suffer From Alzheimers“. Oh Crap! I am SOOOOO going to get Alzheimers. I probably already have it. Let’s see – mood swings, irrational behavior, forgetful, lives in the past. Oh yeah – I’ve got Alzheimers.

Seriously though – I thought laid back types were less likely to suffer from brain illnesses. I just figured all that spazzy trying to amount to something is what landed most people in the psych ward. Guess I was wrong. And to think I have spent years trying to tame my inner CEO. Oh well, there is still time.

I always wanted to be impressive. I just kept hoping it would happen naturally. Like if I prayed hard enough God would make me a movie star. If I wished and dreamed and bought a cute enough pair of pants, I would be discovered and asked to co-host the Today Show. If I gesticulated wildly enough and blamed others for my problems – Bingo! – I would be giving my acceptance speech at the Grammys.

I have a list around here somewhere – and at the very top of it it says…BE VERY VERY DRIVEN! It was part of the plan. But it just kept getting pushed further down the list by other things like – stare into space…walk around aimlessly…forget what you were looking for…read same page of book over and over. ..have wild daydreams involving stardom and making millions….doze off.

Isn’t there something good for people who take it easy? Something for those of us – who are really really good at smelling the roses. Other than the roses? Like maybe we get less diseases of the brain??? Guess not.

So my plan is that from now on I will be driven. I will be the most driven… I mean like sooooo driven that my brain will not even be able breathe, much less develop an Alzheimer type lesion. I will be successful, and important, and so impressive that the world will invent a new word just to describe me. Rechellified. As in – she is so awesome, she is so amazing – she used to be such a pile of clear jell-o and then she Rechellified and became the CEO of the Intergalactic Bank, Hospital, and Legal Operating Systems.

I plan to begin to implement the new driven me….tomorrow…or maybe the day after….Right now I need to check on the ceiling fans…while lying supine under them…on my bed…reading the same page in a book over and over… for the next eight solid hours.

Decorating With Old Books!

September 28th, 2007

I have never been one to hesitate. Never one to look before I leap. And so after an inspiring visit to Gallery Classic in Topeka where I found many ways to use old books to decorate, I was ready. Ready to change my life from it’s former bland before to it’s electrifying after. And all I needed was a stack of old books. And I was ready to go!

So I bought a few and headed home to try out this new method of decorating using old books. Here are a few before and after shots.

Here, I have hutch with tea set.

And here, I have hutch, tea set, and old books. Much better!

Over here, I have mantle with bird statuette.

And now…mantle, bird statuette, old books. A vast improvement.

I moved back over to the hutch to experiment a bit more…

Hutch, old books, tape measure.

Hutch, old books, Nasonex travel mug.

Hutch, old books, Sonic cup.

But my very very favorite was this one.

Hutch, old books, and corel dish with leftover hamburger helper.

Back to the mantle – I tried pairing the old books with the finials. But it wasn’t quite working for me.

So I found this half eaten hot dog in the fridge. But I was reluctant to set the hot dog on my brand new old books.