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Favorite Door County Photos

October 12th, 2011

All of my favorite photos from this trip except for the above picture, were taken in the town of Ephraim, Wisconsin located on the “Green Bay” side of Door County.  Ephraim snuggles right up to shoreline.  It’s cozy downtown features my favorite of all the Door County beaches we visited.  It was soft and sandy (as opposed to some of the rocky beaches on the peninsula) perfect for swimming and within walking distance of some great little shops including one fantastic ice cream shop.

I think the reason I like these photos the best is because I got to take them alone.  I left the boys and the CD on the beach and wandered off downtown snapping pictures to my heart’s content.

Then I returned to the fam and got a few of Jack and Drew working on a sand castle.

It was a good day.

Mystery Vacation Photos

October 10th, 2011

We took a short vacation this summer.

It was a relatively sane trip for us.

No camping, no bears, no escaped convicts, no marital breakdowns and no language barriers.

Can you guess where we went?

Look!  I’ll even give you some fabulous clues!

We shot some pool.

We skipped some rocks.

We swam out to the floating dock.

And flipped off backwards.

We climbed a tall tower and took in the view.

And stopped for much needed sustenance.

Don’t worry if you haven’t guessed yet.

There are more vacation photos to follow.

Please try and contain your enthusiasm.

I ran into Johnny Depp at the gas station in Baldwin, while visiting the Oracle Known as Steve.

We were driving into town when suddenly (my)Jack squealed from the back seat, “It’s Captain Jack Sparrow!  It’s Captain Jack Sparrow!”

“What are you talking about?” I said.

“Over there!  At the gas station!  It’s Captain Jack Sparrow!”

I looked over and didn’t see anybody, but I turned around anyway and pulled into the gas station because that is just the kind of mom I am.  If someone in my car says they have seen Captain Jack Sparrow I am going to go check it out!

And sure enough.  Captain Jack (or Johnny as I prefer to call him) was about to drive away.  We pulled up along side him and all my kids (and me too) craned our necks out of the window of the truck to get a gander at Johnny.  With great aplomb, Johnny put his car in park (which strangely enough was Bumble Bee)  and swaggered toward us in that drunken effeminate pirate gait beloved by so many.

I, of course, pulled out my behemoth of a camera and started snapping away.

Johnny, being the gracious super star that he is, didn’t mind a bit.

He’s not like the other stars.

He launched into a Captain Jack Sparrow routine and sashayed all over the parking lot for us.

Talking in a clipped slurred British accent…

Delicately fluttering his fingers about in his signature girly pirate way…

Everything was spot on right down to his voice, his braids and his gorgeous blue gray eye shadow.

I almost asked him to come to the Oracle’s house with us and you know what?

I think he would have come!

It might have cost me something, but I think it might have been worth it.

If anyone in the Kansas City area is looking for a celebrity to show up at your next fete, I’ve got your guy.