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Mister Mule Train

August 15th, 2010

On our last day in Wyoming…

We rode horses up into the mountains outside of Cody.

We met a mule train coming down as we were going up.

Strangely, I never noticed the mules.

Weeds in Wheelbarrow

July 28th, 2010

I gotta barrow, gotta barrow full of sunshine…


It was really late when I wrote that caption.

Jesus in the Wheat

July 23rd, 2010

This billboard hovers over Interstate 70 just outside of Colby, Kansas welcoming the weary traveler to stop and consider a few interesting points such as…

Was Jesus only three feet tall? Whose hand is that?  Why does Jesus look like he is in a trance?  Has someone hypnotized Jesus?  Why would anyone hypnotize Jesus?  Is the person holding the wheat bouquet hypnotizing Jesus?  Was Jesus a smoker?  Is Jesus being hypnotized by the wheat bouquet person so that he can stop smoking?  Why does this smoking cessation hypnotism program take place in a wheat field?  Is this billboard part of an anti-smoking campaign?  Is this billboard encoded with the explanation for crop circles?  Is Jesus standing in the wheat or is it only his head hovering above the wheat?  Is this billboard a blog about wheat weaving?  Do people still weave wheat?  Or is Jesus about to wave the wheat?  Does that mean that Jesus is a KU fan?  Is that why Mangino got fired?  Did Jesus have anything to do with the recent big twelve deconstruction?  Is he happy the Huskers are leaving?  Are you happy the Huskers are leaving?  Have you read this hilarious theory about the big twelve break-up?  Do you, dear reader have any further explanations for this very mysterious billboard?  If so, please – feel free to enlighten.