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Me and my boys and two Asian kids at the bottom of a waterfall in Yellowstone. We hiked down 328 metal stairs that are somehow attached to the side of a mountain to reach this platform and then we turned around and climbed back up.

I wore a skirt that day. I was the only person in Yellowstone wearing a skirt and I felt a little bit like I was Amish or something, but I love that skirt.  It’s so comfortable.  I have had that skirt since college.  It has a miracle waistband that fits me in all sorts of size permutations and the cut somehow minimizes everything that needs minimizing and maximizes everything that needs maximizing which on me it means that it shine a bright beam on my awesome earlobes.

And this is what we looked like after the climb back up the stairs.
Not quite as fresh.
Even my magic skirt can’t make this photo look good.

Cat Nap

September 3rd, 2010

Look!  We all look so happy!  Like we actually like each other and enjoy being together!