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February 21st, 2013


January 16th, 2013

The one in the hazard pants is sixteen now. He’s my artist, my musician, my actor, my singer, my reader, my heart. Other than the first nine month of his life during which he could only be described as a very fussy baby – not colicky – just a plain old fuss bucket, he’s been a joy to raise. As an infant, Ethan was never quite content with anything I did for him.  But then at nine months he figured out how to walk and suddenly – little mister fussbucket became practically angelic. Evidently, all he needed was the ability to get around on his own.

The Head Plant

When he was two, the CD called Ethan “The twoiest two year old”. He only had two speeds – hyper drive and stop. He would do this thing that I came to call “the head plant”. At two years, Ethan’s energy would evaporate suddenly and without warning and I would turn to find him with his head planted against whatever soft surface was nearby. There he would be, suddenly lying quietly on the floor, staring into space with his head cemented onto a surface so firmly, I was unsure I would be able to unweld him and carry him to his crib. This was how I knew Ethan was ready for a nap. By his head plant.

I’m Getting Lonely!!!

When Ethan was a toddler, we lived in a cute little cottage in which the CD and I’s bedroom was on the main floor and our three young sons shared a large room under the eaves on the second floor. At night we would carry the boys upstairs, read stories, tuck them in and then head back down the stairs for a few precious hours of peace. Many nights, after everyone was tucked up tight and the CD and I were lying in our own bed just about to sleep we would hear Ethan’s young voice wafting down the stairs in a tremulous tone as he wailed…

“I’m Getting LONELY! “I’m Getting LONELY!”

One of us would climb the stairs again and tuck him up one more time, situate a few stuffed animals around him, rub his little noggin, pat his little back and assure him that not only were his two brothers in the same room with him, but his parents were just right at the bottom of the stairs. Usually this would cure his case of loneliness, but occasionally it simply was not enough and Ethan would end up in our bed whereupon his intense loneliness would instantly depart.

His Own Man

Ethan has always had this wonderful ability to be himself with little regard to what others might think of him.  He’s comfortable in all sorts of situations.  He has quirky arty friends and hangs with the jocks and basically doesn’t know a stranger.  I have always been amazed by his ability to morph into whatever group he was in and still maintain his own identity.  He’ll sit at the piano and sing and play (without reservation) the latest pop tune he’s trying to master while a series of husky contractors tear into the sheet rock right next to him.  He forces his athlete friends to listen to Broadway show tunes on the way to baseball games and is completely unafraid to unabashedly sing along at the top of his voice.  Ethan has always just been extremely comfortable in his own skin.  As a person that has never been quite comfortable in my own, I have always found this to be amazing about him.  I don’t know if it comes from being a middle child, or if it is just who he is, but it’s such a lovely thing to see a young person feel completely at ease with himself.

Okay – that is probably enough bragging about my kid for today.  Tune in tomorrow when I go on ad nauseam about the good looks of my third child Drew.

Just kidding.

Sort of…  Ha ha.

We got together with my husband’s family at the Oracle Known as Steve’s house for a late Christmas celebration this past Friday evening.

My sister-in-law Lori brought a new game with her that had been sent to her from her son who lives in Germany.

The game is called Reverse Charades.  Instead of one person acting out a clue while a team guesses, the team acts out the clue while one person guesses.

It is a much more fun version of charades and allows the actors to work as a team if they can manage to do so without speaking with each other.

In the above photos my two middle boys and I are trying to covey a “jack-o-lantern”.

We failed, but it was fun trying!

Here is the CD working with a niece and a nephew to try and act out…

I have no idea…

Here’s Drew with a cousin and an uncle trying to act out Sphinx in a very un-sphinxlike manner.

Believe it or not, the guesser figured out what they were doing!

And finally, here’s the Oracle known as Steve working with two nephews on a clue…

Hmmmm.  I wonder what this means?

Not sure if he is acting here….

Or trying to lead us all in some mystical, ancient Christmas rite…


Everything for the Oracle links back to the spiritual realm…

Hey… whatever works for you!

It is a really fun game.  I would have to highly recommend it.