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With Pie Near Woman showing signs of wantin’ to breed again, MM separated her from the herd like a wild mustang.

Nancy wins the caption contest!

Nancy – please e-mail me at and tell me which book you prefer.

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell or A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson.

AMY F!  I loved your caption so much that you can have the book that Nancy does not choose if you so desire.  Email me at if you are interested.

Thanks to everyone for the rest of the hilarious entries.  Next time I think I may be losing my mind with this whole PW thing, I will read through them and remember that I am far from alone.

It’s pretty creepy, but I have to admit – there’s something about it that I kind of like.

Because nothing says Christmas like two freaky little pigs in their Sunday best.

World’s largest petrified Santa.

What would the holidays be without a little innocent 24 hour elven surveillance?

There’s still plenty of time to enter a photo of your own for the Creepy Christmas contest.  If you see something that creeps you out during your holiday shopping, snap a picture and email it to me at

The creepiest photo gets a $25.00 gift certificate to their favorite online store.  Runners up get an old used book!  Deadline is December 22nd.

A.  With Pie Near Woman showing signs of wantin’ to breed again, MM separated her from the herd like a wild mustang.

Submitted by Nancy

B.  MM yells into the house, “Kids I found her! She’s spatch-cocked in the driveway again!”

Submitted by Amy F

I can’t decide which one of these captions is my favorite.  The first contender is brilliant and brings me to my knees in it’s stellar incorporation of ranching lingo.

The second one uses the word ‘spatch-cocked’ which is easily the best word I have ever heard in my life even though I had no idea what it meant until I looked it up….

1.  To split open a chicken or other fowl and grill or broil it on a spit.  Spatch-cocked can be used as a verb or a noun.  For instance you can ‘spatch-cock’ a chicken or you can just call a split open chicken a ‘spatch-cock’.  Ultimately, I guess you could spatch-cock a spatch-cock.

2.  To interpolate or sneakily insert words into a work that don’t really belong there.  Promoting your own book in the midst of a speech you are giving on somebody else’s book would be an example of ‘spatch-cocking’.

I have decided to take myself off the hook and let you, the readers decide.  For the next twenty four hours this blog IS a democracy!


Barbie Campfire

December 10th, 2010

Is there another blogger that will go to these lengths to entertain you people?


It’s perfectly proportioned to fit Marlboro Man!


I have smoke in my hair and on my winter coat!

I had to keep that fire going AND POSE THE FREAKING DOLLS AT THE SAME TIME!


The tiny fire KEPT GOING OUT!

It wasn’t easy people!

I could have died!

I could have smelted myself in a BARBIE CAMPFIRE!

New Pie Near Woman story to follow soon.

You ain’t gonna want to miss this one.