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I have probably completely ruined my husband’s political career. Not that my husband ever had a political career.  But if he ever wanted one, it is completely shot to hell.  The Country Doctor is currently serving on the local school board. He ran unopposed, but I wasn’t an atheist when he was elected – so who knows how it would have worked out if I had been an atheist during the election.

As I have been following the news about the Texas BOE, I have grown more and more panicky about my own state and what could happen if the Kansas school board decides to wreak the same kind of havoc as the Texas BOE. (After all, Kansas has been through this before) And so I suggested to my husband that he consider running for the state BOE.  But then I realized, that as an atheist blogger, I have probably destroyed his chances to win any type of public election. So I decided right then and there that in order to increase his chances of winning, he needs to file for divorce before he files to run for election.

He said, “Would I re-marry you in secret after I won?”

I said, “No… we will just shock everyone by LIVING TOGETHER!”

Somehow I don’t think I am cut out for politics…

Or for being a politician’s wife.

Because I don’t know how to cast a demon out of a VCR.

But I do have about a year to destroy all evidence of ever having been atheist blogger.  My current state BOE representative is Kathy Martin and her term will be up in 2011.  If there is a single member on the Kansas BOE that the Texas BOE would like to marry and have lots of babies with it would be Kathy Martin.

After the 2005 evolution debate in Kansas, Martin was one of six conservative members who forced Kansas science teachers to follow a curriculum that was practically written by the Discovery Institue of Intelligent Design.  Four of those members rapidly lost their bids for re-election and the new ludicrous science standards they created were over turned within a year, but Martin won a re-election bid (against a gay opponent) and remains on the board until 2011.

If a creationist whack job can defeat a moderate democrat because he is gay – what are the odds she will defeat a straight man who is married to an atheist?

What if the straight man is devastatingly handsome?  

What if the handsome straight man divorces his atheist wife?

These are the real issues my friends – at least when it comes to quality public education in Kansas.

The famed Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster wrote an open letter to the members of the Kansas BOE during the evolution debacle requesting that equal time be given to their personal creation theories as well. Three members of the board responded to the FSM with warm letters appreciating the momentary levity, but Kathy Martin said in her letter -

“It is a serious offense to mock God.”


Last night, as I read more articles and watched a few videos especially of Cynthia Dunbar – the woman who might just make Thomas Jefferson disappear in Texas schools debate Eugenie Scott, the executive director of the National Center for Science Education, I got more and more freaked out.  Middle America laps religious conservatism up like a thirsty dog.  It makes us swoon.  It makes us shiver in delight.  Our eyes roll up in our skulls as we throw our heads back and moan and groan and make breathy whimpering sounds,  Oh god… oh God.  Oh… Oh.. OH MY GOD!!!!  

Because in American you cannot get elected to public office as a public atheist unless you are Pete Stark D. California and you have been there since 1973.

In the following video, the 2008 presidential candidates were asked to raise their hands if they did NOT believe in evolution.

Three men raised their hands.

Mike Huckabee
Tom Tancredo
and the man currently running for governor of my state.

Sam Brownback

Because of Brownback’s funding and the fact that people in my state know who he is, his chances for election are very high. His opponent, Holland faces an uphill battle.

I sure hope Holland’s wife isn’t an atheist.
Or if she is…
I hope she doesn’t write a blog about it!

April 4th, 2010

Four years ago on Easter weekend I started writing this blog.  I’ve decided to stop writing it now.  Thanks to everyone who has managed to hang onto this roller coaster ride for longer than they probably should have.  I wish you many great stories to read and many great stories of your own to tell.



Hey Plumpkin!

April 12th, 2010

We went to visit the Oracle Known as Steve over Easter weekend.  On the way over, things got a little dicey.  Evidently saying either “hey plumpkin” or “hey apple” to my youngest son Jack, results in a tidal wave of fury that almost broke our mini van in half.  I managed to get a few photos of the rage in action…

This is what happened when Drew said, “hey plumpkin.”

And this is what happened when Drew said, “hey apple.”

“Hey plumpkin.”

“Hey apple.”

A few well aimed kicks to his head did not deter Drew in the slightest.

He just kept on saying it.

Over and over again.

Until I had a nervous breakdown and made him stop.

But even then – he couldn’t resist.

Hey plumpkin…

Hey apple…

It’s kind of like blogging.

I can’t stop either.

Even though it frequently makes me insane too.

Whether I am the one that is saying ‘hey plumpkin’.

Or the one that is getting kicked in the head.

There’s just something irresistible about it.

So here I go again.


Hey Plumpkin…

Hey Apple…