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A stooped ninety year old gentlemen who uses a walker to get around came in to see the Country Doctor a while ago.  As he slowly made his way from the lobby of the clinic to the exam room, he passed a snazzy, young drug rep. sporting a short skirt and a pair of high heeled shoes.

“Nice shoes.” the elderly gent said as she passed him.

As the Country Doctor’s nurse got the elderly gent situated in the exam room she said, “Mr. B.!  Do you like high heel shoes?”

“I wasn’t looking at her shoes.” grinned the elderly gent.

How to Get His Attention

February 9th, 2008

You want I should tell you how to make a man go all weak in the knees for you?

Have you considered the Reuben?

Myself? I find it to have a high rate of success.

Something about the rye bread…the pastrami…the kraut…the cheese with the funny little holes.

He may not appear visibly moved. He may not even look up from his Newsweek while he eats. He may not even acknowledge your existence for weeks make that months at a time.

But on the inside he is a quivering pile of gelatin.

You are just going to have to trust me on this one.

Here we have the Hyannis Port Kennedy Compound. Note the sweeping lawn, the white house, the porch and the multiple pointy roofs.

And now my house – note the sweeping lawn, the porch, the white house, the multiple pointy roofs.

Here we have a bunch of Kennedys lined up in matching bathing suits with matching parts in their matching heads.

Here we have a bunch of my family lined up with matching uh…matching um… matching arms akimbo.

Here is the famous photo of Robert and Ethel Kennedy’s family stretched out in front of a Italian Villa type mansion.

And here is the famous photo where we are sort of lined up and sort of in front of an Italian villa. Okay not really – but maybe… if you squint… really hard.

And now Jack goes for a touchdown pass in front of yet another Kennedyesque gorgeous, timeless, classic American dream house posed beautifully amidst majestic oaks on a sprawling lawn.

And here are several photos of my family doing the exact same thing.

Except it is colder.

And muddier.

And a little rougher.

I am not sure the Kennedys could handle it.

Oh and um… we have a bulldozer parked in the background and we don’t know if the bulldozer guy is ever going to come back and get it. Other than that….

The same…