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My eldest son’s face has been changing at the speed of light lately.  Every time I look at him I swear, he looks drastically different.  Two months ago, I was completely obsessed by his nose.  

“Where is that nose coming from?”  I asked him.

“Whose nose is that?” I queried.

“Where did you get that nose?” I badgered him endlessly.

“Is it your dad’s nose?  Is it my dad’s nose?  Is it a Bishop nose, a Heitschmidt nose, a Hogan nose…?”

My son did not answer any of my questions.


He just rolled his eyes, looked at me with utter disdain, and asked me if we had any food in the house.


Now I have moved on to his jaw.

Every morning I look at his jaw and I swear it is different than it was the day before… it is wider… it is fuller… it is thicker…





I stare at his nose.  





I stare at his jaw.




Who is this kid?  


This little boy?  


My first born baby.


Who is this boy with the nose… and the jaw… and the shoulders…and the deep voice…


and the height!


Good Lord… the height! 


He is as tall as me now. 


Who is this tall kid with the nose, the jaw, and the deep voice?






I hardly recognize my own tiny, little, baby boy anymore!

A stooped ninety year old gentlemen who uses a walker to get around came in to see the Country Doctor a while ago.  As he slowly made his way from the lobby of the clinic to the exam room, he passed a snazzy, young drug rep. sporting a short skirt and a pair of high heeled shoes.

“Nice shoes.” the elderly gent said as she passed him.

As the Country Doctor’s nurse got the elderly gent situated in the exam room she said, “Mr. B.!  Do you like high heel shoes?”

“I wasn’t looking at her shoes.” grinned the elderly gent.