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At long last, I am putting up my old links today.  If you would like to be linked on the MSFH blogroll just say so in the comments.  I will be moving all my old links from my former blog today as well.  I really have missed keeping up with everyone.  This blog just has not felt like home and maybe it is because I don’t know when Gladys… or Marilyn… or Jean… or Toad… or  Masthead… or Jenni… or Greasy… or Dawn…or Miz Booshay… or Heidi… or Maryam… or Lady Fi… or all my old CDW blog links have a new post up.  I also hope to figure out why my new posts are not displaying properly on other folk’s blogrolls.  

I would of course request that any and all link love be returned unless you are scandalized by the content of this blog and only read in the dark of night, under your covers, with a flashlight, while simultaneously flogging your hind quarters.  I do understand.  Sometimes I scandalize myself, although I have yet to flog myself.  Still, you will have to submit a short essay as to exactly what it is about my blog that you find so objectionable if you want me to link to you without a link in return.  I reserve the right to post your essay and pick it apart with blistering antipathy.  

Also… I cannot perpetually link and perpetually post at the same time.  Any links that come in after midnight on Monday June 1 will be added to the blogroll in agonizingly slow motion.  They will be added, but it will be slowly… agonizingly slowly.  

And then you will be flogged.


All my love,


For Memorial Day weekend, we drove to southeast Kansas to visit one of the CD’s sisters and her family.





Because clearly…








They have a backyard pool.






Things were going along swimmingly.  Swarms of cousins filled the pool, the yard, and the house.  There was a mountain of barbecue and all the fixin’s.  I contributed a salad made from my very own garden.  It was a very nice party.








The Country Doctor started showing off.







Wearing a hideous, grotesquely unstylish pair of orange swim trunks, he commandeered the diving board  and began doing his very special, one of a kind, signature, cartwheel dive over and over and over again.  








The Orcale quickly snapped.  

He couldn’t take it.  

“Stop it!’  he screamed.  ”Stop doing those insane cartwheels off the diving board!”  

“No one!  NO ONE!  Especially these young impressionable boys should have to watch that!”  he shouted.

“Put on a shirt, and sit down and drink a beer like a man!” He rampaged.



The Country Doctor refused to listen.




So the Oracle took matters in his own hands, grabbed a hard rubber ball and zinged it at his brother in mid-jump.





The Country Doctor was hit!






The Oracle was triumphant!

Gleeful, he picked the ball up again…






And began bombarding whatever innocent child happened to be jumping off the board…








Once enraged, it is hard to shut an Oracle down.  

With his wrath in full throttle…

he did throttle…

and then he throttled some more…

All the tender and exposed flesh of any young’un who dared to dive thereafter.







But even the blistering beatings of his own children and their accompanying plaintive wails did not stop the Country Doctor from doing his special, signature, one of a kind cartwheel dive over and over and over again.  


You see…


The Country Doctor learned at a very young age…


that enraging the Oracle…


is half the fun.

Today is the Country Doctor and I’s 15th wedding anniversary.  I imagine we will celebrate it in much the same way we celebrated last year’s anniversary which was completely unforgettable and almost grotesquely romantic.  To further mark this milestone in our marriage, I thought I would re-print the wedding announcement that ran in both of our hometown newspapers.  It is a little unusual for a wedding announcement.  The Country Doctor wrote it back when he was only the Country Medical Student.  He has always been a little unusual too.  You will understand just how unusual, after you read it.  


Rechelle Renee Bishop and Michael Joseph Malin were blissfully entangled in holy matrimony May 28, 1994 at St. Lawrence Chapel in Lawrence, Kansas. Celebrants were Fr. Vince Krische, Lawrence and Rev. Ed Preston, Wichita.

Escorting the lovely bride were her strong but reluctant parents, Harrison and Martha Bishop. Goodland.  Looking relieved, Joe and Rita Malin of Plainville presented their son, the groom.

The lovely bride wore flowers in her hair and a snappy little white outfit from Green’s Bridal Shop of Plainville, replete with numerous snapdoodles, vivisections, and just the right number of booleyboos (see photo).  April Phillips, self -appointed wedding authority and sister of the bride, served as Matron of Honor.  She shared time with the Maid of Honor, Kelly Hagan a college chum of the bride, most recently of Oxford U.K.  Rachel Murray and Susan Munn, both from Lawrence and friends of the bride were bridesmaids.  Emily Malin, niece of the groom, bore her basket of flowers without mishap.

The groom wore what grooms always wear.  Steve malin (6-2, 205), was his brother’s Best Man.  He was assisted by groomsmen Dave Malin (6-5, 225) of Dallas, brother of the groom; Jake Jesse Sheffer (6-5, 220); and Joe Courtright (5-10, 175) Joplin, Mo., the latter two of who endeavored to set a poor example for ring bearer, Michael Davidson, impressionable young nephew of their friend, the groom.

Eric Moeder, Bo Bernasky, and Rod Chard, friends of the groom were the ushers.  Christi Malin sang a touching solo while Bonnie Bonine, friend of the bride, handled violin duties.  Norma Osborne and Hal Sears, dear friends of the bride served as lectors and pronounced every word correctly.  

Following the ceremony, all retreated to Stony Point Barn in rural Douglas County for a dinner and reception complete with roast pig, wedding cake, a bluegrass band, and a beautiful Spring evening.  All present agreed the baked beans were outstanding.

The bride is a 1987 graduate of Goodland Highschool and a 1991 graduate of the University of Kansas.  The groom is a 1985 graduate of Plainville High School and a 1989 graduate of the University of Kansas.  He recently began his first year of study at the KU School of Medicine.

Following a honeymoon which much to the groom’s chagrin did not include a Royals baseball game, the couple is at home trying to decide whose turn it is to do the dishes.


Wedding photo by Rick Mitchell

Later today, wedding shoes, paper bells, bridal headgear and a fabulous Tiffany’s giveaway!

Sort of…