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A Creepy Christmas Contest

November 28th, 2010

I took a few photos last year of some Christmas decor that struck me as downright creepy.  I never managed to write a story about it, but I thought it would be fun to see if anyone else out there has a radar for creepy Christmas decor. During your Holiday shopping spasms, if you see a decoration that seems a little off, and happen to have a camera on you – snap a photo and send it to I’ll post the pictures as they arrive. On December 22nd, I will choose a few winning photos based on over-all creeptastic creepiness or just plain outrageous absurdity.

You must be vigilant!

You never know when a Christmas decoration. is going to totally CREEP YOU OUT!

The grand prize will be a 25.00 gift card to the online store of your choice.

I will also have some fabulous runner-up prizes. and when I say ‘fabulous runner-up prizes, I actually mean ‘used books’.

So get your creep on!

Because sick, pasty, bedridden Santa might not make it if you don’t.

Ho, Ho, Ho

I was looking over some old posts and I ran across this photo. I took it when we happened upon the sculpture of Bob Doris. Three boys happily smiling for the camera and then there’s old Mister Furrowed Brow in the background.  There’s always someone with a furrowed brow in my family, although I willingly confess that it is usually me.

If you can think of a caption for this photo, leave it in the comments. You can enter more than once, but try not to enter so often that you become an prickly irritant in the eyeball of the internet.  I would hate to have to furrow my brow at you.  I may see if Dear Charles can help judge too as he is far less prone to brow furrowing than I.  Hopefully we’ll hear from Dear Charles with the very first installment of ‘Dear Charles’ by the end of the day.  He has his letters ready to go, but his room is not quite ready.  We are waiting for the paint to dry.


The PRIZE!!!

The winner of this caption contest will receive a Jane Austen coffee mug!

I found these mugs because an alert reader alerted me to them.

Thanks Kathleen!

I am afraid that once I arrived at the Etsy site that creates these mugs,  I sort of lost my head and purchased several other items as well.

What is one to do when one stumbles upon mugs, clothing and note cards bearing hand written Jane Austen quotes!?!

Much too hard to resist!

So if you have a caption – leave it in the comments and win a Jane Austen mug.

I’ll pick a winner and if I can get a hold of Dear Charles, I’ll try to coerce him into picking a winner too.

Contest ends Sunday night.

Packing for a canoe trip down the Current River,


Banning the Burka

July 7th, 2010

I just read this article fom the BBC.  The French parliament is poised to debate making it illegal to wear a niqab or a burka in public places.  Both Spain and Belgium have already passed similar laws.  The penalty for the proposed ban will be 150 euros for women who are caught wearing a full burka in public and 30,000 euros and one year in jail for men who force a woman to wear a burka in public.  I have to admit that my heart jumps for joy at the idea of outlawing burkas.  Although I am positive that there are many women who ‘freely’ choose to wear the burka – I am not sure that anything that is done to please a tyrannical deity is really done freely.  Still – let’s say that there are women who would choose to wear a burka even if they weren’t Muslim.  Let’s say that there are women who would prefer to be clad in a garment that swamps them in fabric from the top of their head to the floor, leaving only a thick netting around their eyes and nose, while they are out and about shopping for groceries and picking up the dry cleaning and taking the kids to the park…. yeah… it’s just not very likely is it.

Personally I think the term ‘religious freedom’ is an oxymoron.  You’re not really free if you are operating under the idea of either pleasing or appeasing some deity.  Which I guess is where the term ‘free thinkers’ came from.  See how quick I am?  See how fast I can piece things together?

So what do you think?  Burka or no burka?  Should a country outlaw religious garb?  Where does this end?  Will they make the pope take off that silly hat too?  What about nuns?  Their costumes are not unlike a burka, yet no one really goes around saying that nuns are oppressed.  Are nuns oppressed?  What if they make Michelle Duggar put on a pair of pants?  Will she then go to hell?  Why do the women always have to wear the dresses in conservative religion?  How come the men never wear the dresses?  Jesus wore a dress.  At least in every picture I have ever seen of him he is wearing a dress.  It is not a very good dress.  It’s not a very well cut or fitted or even remotely flattering dress… but it’s STILL A DRESS!  All the disciples, the prophets, the kings, the second kings, Noah, Adam, David, Joseph, Abraham, ALL OF THEM WORE DRESSES!

Attention Michelle Duggar’s Husband (Mister Michelle Duggar?) – If you really love God, you need to put on a dress!

But back to that burka thing.

I want the burka gone.  I want it eradicated from the face of the earth.  I never want to see another woman stuck inside of one of those things for as long as I live.  It’s just so messed up.  It should be gone.

Yay France and Spain and Belgium!  Good job!  Make the burka go away.  Make it so.

Well – I guess you know what I think about France’s proposed burka law.  What do you think?