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Westboro Baptist Coming To Town

November 23rd, 2010

The Westboro Baptist Church is coming to my town for a protest this coming Monday morning and I am attempting to organize a counter protest.  The response has been a bit discouraging so far with only one person saying that he will be there, but a few hours ago I got a phone call from another man in my town who also wanted to organize a counter protest.  The local chief of police had given him my number because I had already registered my protest and he thought that maybe the two of us could work together and that is exactly what we decided to do!  So now we have two counter protests rolled into one counter protest and that amounts to three whole people protesting Fred!  But I think we will get a few more before I have to turn in my final number on Sunday.  I also hope that some highschool students will be able to join us.

Some of you might remember when I went to hear Nate Phelps speak in Topeka about his brutal childhood growing up in the home of Fred Phelps.  I know that what the Phelps family believes is heinous and deluded, but ever since I learned about the lives of the children of Fred Phelps, I can’t help but regard them as victims.  A few of his children have managed to break away from the family.  The above video is a phone conversation with Nate (who is now an outspoken atheist) and Dortha the youngest daughter of Fred and Margie Phelps.  They explain in the video a little bit about the process they went through to break free of their family.  Leaving this family isn’t easy as the abuse was coupled with the added fear of an all seeing/all knowing tyrannical deity who would punish them eternally if they didn’t follow him according to the interpretation of their vicious, violent father, making the kids feel that if they left, they were condemning themselves to hell.

A few of those kids decided to take that chance and eventually realized how wrong their father was about everything.  So far one granddaughter that I know about who was actually kicked out of the church and cut off from the family for asking one too many questions about the beliefs of her family has also managed to discover life outside the compound.  So when I see the Phelps family again on Monday – I will be thinking not only about the hideous message they preach, but also the hideous childhoods that they endured and I will wish I had a magic wand…