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An Urn Extravaganza!

March 7th, 2011

This gardener is in the early pangs of child birth.

Her seeds have arrived.

She plans to place them tenderly in a cradle of black, loamy potting soil today.

And scooch them up to the southern windows in the dining room.

Where she hopes they will grow!


Until then, she gives you her urn photos.

The one above from a lawn in front of a home in Atchison, Kansas.

You can find this urn and the amazing glass house behind it at Kew Gardens in England.

These begonias and these urns can be found in Bath, Somerset County in Southwest England.

And then we come to Castle Combe…

A tiny village located in Wiltshire England

Raise your hand if you want to move to Castle Combe!

Back home to Kansas.

The above photo is from Lee Creek Gardens in Manhattan.

This one from the Valentine neighborhood in Kansas City.

And this little ole urn is from my very own garden.

Dreaming of Spring,


I weep for Spring.

In an attempt to make myself feel better, warmer, tanner, fitter, younger, smarter and better looking

I have assembled a few statue photographs.

I am sure it will work.

Aren’t you?

The above statue adorns the lawn of a private home in Atchison, Kansas

Lady in the Daisies at Lee Creek Gardens

Manhattan, Kansas

A pair of lions

Castle Combe

Wiltshire, England

Grassy path to child statue

Castle Combe

Wiltshire, England

Girl statue

Manhattan, Kansas cemetery

Abandoned building – Alcatraz

San Francisco, California


The late Bob Dorris private home outside Erie, Kansas

Struggling with Peonies

February 22nd, 2011

February in Kansas is bitterly cold.  So I thought that perhaps a post on peonies would make Spring get here a bit faster.  But first, I must most regretfully inform you that I chronically mispronounce the word ‘peonies’.  I say it like this – Pee-OH-Neeze.  I have no idea why I say it this way and I fear it is too late for me to change my ways.  Even though my mispronunciation has caused me much embarrassment at my job where the following conversation has taken place more than once…

Customer – I am looking for that plant that has real big blooms.

Me – Oh… you mean hydrangea?

Customer – No.. It blooms in the spring and it has big round blossoms…

Me – Maybe a snowball bush?

Customer – You see it a lot in graveyards.  It tends to bloom on Memorial day…

Me – Oh!!!  You mean Pee OH Neeze!

Customer – No… but it is sort of sounds like that.  It is a short plant and usually pink.

Me – Are the blooms like cabbages?

Customer – Yes… that’s right.

Me – It’s Pee OH neeze.

Customer – Pee Oh What?

Me – Pee OH neeze.

Customer – Oh!  You mean PEEahneeze!

Me – Yes!  That’s what I said.  Pee OH neeze.

Customer – You gotta funny way of talking lady.

Me – Oh… well… I… uh… I come from… I was born in… I… Here… let me just show you where they are…

My struggles with Peonies do not end with my inability to pronounce them correctly.

I also have developed a resistance to their short blooming season, their tendency to droop under the weight of their own blossoms and the sticky ant infestation that often accompanies the plant.

The cure for my Peony resistance turned out to be a long and persuasive exposure to the Nippon Chief Peony at the garden center where I work.

The massive deep pink unusual looking flower was just the medicine I needed.

And so I eventually brought one home and planted it on the north east corner of the house amidst a trio of Snowbelle Mockorange, Emerald Triumph Viburnum and various perennials.

Memorial Day will be much prettier this year.