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Cool Beans!

May 11th, 2011

Back in February, I ordered several varieties of heirloom seeds including six packages of beans.

When I saw how pretty the seeds were, I had to photograph them for my blog.

This would be why bloggers are a special brand of crazy.

But look at them!

These look like they could be seeds for killer whales!

Or Holsteins!

Or Penguins!

This one is called ‘Dragon’s Tongue’.

Yes, I know they are laying by a package labeled Cupidon, but that is because I laid them beside the wrong package.

I can’t wait to try them!

I planted them today.

I don’t know if it is right to be this excited about what really amounts to a hill of beans.

But I am.

Gardening is a special kind of crazy too.

Spirea Vanhouttei

May 9th, 2011

The traditional Spirea Vanhouttei is hands down, my favorite shrub.

Nothing is more spectacular to me, than these cascading blossoms in early spring.

They are planted almost exclusively in front of older homes.

I guess people want more than a mere two week floral display in their shrubbery now.

Perhaps they are too large?

Too untamed?

Not modern enough?

I don’t have any either.

But it is not for lack of desire.

It is simply a matter of finding the old fashioned variety.

The Vanhouttei.

We sell a few smaller versions at the Garden Center, where I work…

But they are not the spectacular Vanhouttei.

Someday, I will find some.

And when I do – watch out.

Because I am going to plant them with abandon on every bare patch of dirt on my place.

To make up for all the years of not planting them.

And because I love them so.

The dining room has been converted into a greenhouse.

I started some seeds for the garden.

This year I purchased some organic seeds.

I still plan to buy some of my favorite seeds and a few plants at the garden center where I work, but thought it would be fun to experiment with a few interesting varieties as well as helping to preserve some heirloom plants.

I am all about the helping.

In my two years of gardening, I have both purchased young plants for my garden and I have grown my own plants from seed.  In my very limited experience, the plants I have grown from seed fare much better than the plants I have transplanted from greenhouse stock.  Maybe it’s because the seeds that I grow myself get used to neglect at a very early age.

The seeds are all potted up now.

All they have to do is grow.