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Toilet Shopping

March 3rd, 2008

Oh yeah – that’s right – it’s my birthday – toilet shopping today…

I made our selection from the Toto Co. – or as I like to say totoco. And now for a few very important factoids regarding toilet purchasing.

1. Universal height is just about an inch shorter than official ADA. So go with universal and save

2. Universal is nice for people with handicaps and people who are tall – like me and mine.

3. G-Max flushing is what you want if you have people in your home or on holiday visits, who tend to plug things up.

4. There’s other more serious flushing available if you need even more power, but it can be noisy. You may want to think twice before adding the power flush in the bathroom adjacent to the dining room.

5. Don’t put bathrooms adjacent to dining rooms.

6. I grew up with a bathroom right by the dining room. I don’t know how many times I was forced to listen to various people “using” the bathroom during dinner. My sister and I never used that bathroom.

7. My mother rarely shuts the door when she uses the bathroom. Especially the one by the dining room. This was very embarrassing for me growing up, and has resulted in various bathroom psychoseseseses.

8. I think a pretty toilet is worth the extra cash. I mean hey – why not? It is one of the most important seats in the house. It should be nice.

9. Can’t think of anything else.

10. Goodbye.

Hex Tile Grout Guide

March 3rd, 2008

It sure would have helped me if I had been able to find a resource to show me the difference between grout colors for our tile flooring. The tiny slivers that display the grout color options at Home Depot are grossly inadequate. Finally after seven entire minutes of frustration, I threw up my hands, closed my eyes and pointed and chose the grout color closest to my index finger.

However, after a recent trip to the Brookville Hotel, I am at least able to offer a few pictures comparing a hex tile with black grout and a hex tile with white grout, so that maybe a few people in the world will not have to endure the seven minutes of agony that I did. I hope you appreciate this! I am just trying to make EVERYONE else’s life easier than my own. That is what I do best!

Black and white one inch hex tile with black grout as seen in the Brookville Hotel.

Black and white one inch hex tile with white grout as seen in the mudroom bath at my house.

White two inch hex tile with gray grout as seen in the master bath at my house.

White two inch hex tile with no grout, but it kind of looks like black grout if you want an idea of what that would look like.

Now maybe…just maybe…I have made someone in the world’s life a little easier. That is all I could ever hope for.

I have a thing for old sinks. I have tried all sorts of new age therapies, homemade herbal remedies and straight up chemical detox and I still have a thing for old sinks. I just think they are soooooo beautiful. Why did they stop making them?

Oh! Maybe because they weight 17 tons. People must have been tougher in the old sink days. Because I can’t fathom why they would even bother installing these things when instead, they could just wait until it rains to wash their dishes. That is how heavy these things are! What were the shipping costs? Plumbers must have been former professional weight lifters!

I bought the kitchen sink on E-bay. I looked for a long time trying to find one that I could afford and that had two bowls, at least one side which had to be fairly deep. I was hoping for both an apron front and a backsplash, but the price on this one was hard to beat. This one was listed under “old sinks” instead of “vintage” or “antique” sinks – so it did not get nearly the bids that some of the sinks I was going for received. As a result it was truly a bargain. Until you ADD THE SHIPPING!!!

And above is pictured our lovely laundry room sink which I also got on EBay, for 10 bucks. It was located close by, so I picked it up and paid zero shipping. It is in pretty rough shape. I may have to get it re-surfaced. Which will make it not such a bargain anymore.

Above is pictured our main floor bathroom sink. It was originally a wall sink. When I bought it , it was in almost perfect condition. The large chip happened while at the cabinet shop. They are going to pay for the repair. I decided to have the sink placed on a base. I think a longer “skirt board” is needed as well as a shelf on the lower half to sort of break up those very long legs. I am going to paint the wood when it is all done. Trust me – this is going to look great. You just have to believe.

And here is our free footed tub. Eric, our plumber salvaged it out of a rental house he owns. He told us if we got it out of the house, we could have it. It will also have to be re-finished. I was under the impression we could get it re-finished on site, so we hauled it up the stairs to the master bath. However, since I would like both the inside and the outside of the tub re-finished, it has to be done in the re-finisher’s shop. So now, we have to haul it back down the stairs. A task I will probably try and accomplish today. So if I never post again, you will know that I have perished – crushed beneath a twenty ton tub.