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Vintage Medicine Cabinet

July 8th, 2009

Originally posted October 2007


For the past year, Dennis and Jordan have shown up just about everyday to work on this house.

Aside from electric, plumbing, foundation, interior paint and some dirt work, they have done the work themselves. Framing, roofing, trimming, staining, siding, stairs, windows, doors, and the trillions of tasks in between.





Did I ever mention that Jordan is Dennis’s grandson?






Jordan usually calls Dennis, “Boss” or “Bossman” or sometimes “D”. Every once in a while though…





He calls him “grandpa.”





They make a great team.

The Vanity of Boys

March 3rd, 2008

I have boys. Four boys. In their current bathroom, they have four drawers. Two of them are completely empty. They do not need curling irons, barettes, ribbons, clippies, head bands, lip gloss, eye shadow, hairspray, self tanning lotion, mirrors, moisturizer, loofahs, nail polish, jewelry, or hot wax. Their morning routine requires only a comb and a toothbrush. Thus the empty drawers.

I grew up in a house of women. Our bathroom was very different. Between my sister and I we probably had twelve different kinds of avon perfume in collector ceramic figurines. The bride was my favorite. We also had a vast collection of Mary Kay cosmetics in pink plastic cases. Our bright yellow vanity was littered with hot rollers, a regular curling iron, a brush curling iron, a blow dryer, combs, brushes, and a pink plastic pick.

We fought a lot in that bathroom. I learned later that the color yellow can stimulate aggression, so I blame the bright yellow vanity on which our hot curling irons rested. We often picked them up and used them as battering rams agains each other. My boys fight in the bathroom too, but thankfully all they’ve got are toothbrushes, and hot water.

This is the cabinetry color and the possible choices for the boys vanity top where no hot curling irons will ever be used as branding irons during their lucky little childhoods.

Feel free to vote – I don’t know how many more of these type of decision I can make before I short circuit and throw myself on the mercy of my mom and sister who will gladly come in and decorate my entire house for me. With little to no regard for my opinions.


March 3rd, 2008

Is there anything more fun than shopping for hardware? Sink hardware, tub hardware, door hardware, cabinet hardware, the end must surely be in site, if I find myself shopping for these particular items.

Our plumber, a man of infinite patience and wisdom has a preference for Delta, so most of our plumbing hardware is coming from that company. Our kitchen sink is a massive old farmhouse sink that I bought on E-bay. Then I bought another old sink on E-bay. Then I bought another old sink from Architectural Salvage in Kansas City. (A fabulous shop to which I plan to take you all on a little outing someday. We will then take a trolley ride and buy peanuts from the man with the monkey.) Then I joined Old Sinks Anonymous and switched from buying old sinks to buying old light fixtures.

I was worried that finding hardware for these old sinks would be difficult, but they are all standard 8 inch on centers. Doesn’t that make me sound impressive, like I actually KNOW something useful? Here were my top two choices

Faucet #1

Faucet #2

I actually didn’t pick my favorite one (the first one) because I just didn’t think it suited the sink as much. So I went with faucet #2. In the shiniest, chromiest most glaring finish they offered – which was plain old standard chrome. Aren’t you all relieved!

We are also doing that Victorian faucet in the master bath, but for they boys I chose this faucet.

Seemed a little simpler to operate for my little simpletons.