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We took a guided bike ride through Fauourgh Marigny during our recent trip to New Orleans.  Marigny is one of the oldest neighborhoods in New Orleans and has a rich cultural history involving race, women and nationality.  While hearing stories of quadroon balls, the placage system, and the definition of a coon-ass, I rode my bouncy cruiser, drank in the colorful buildings and enjoyed the ornate, modest homes and bars that define this character filled neighborhood.  Below are my favorites…







The Secret Daylily Farm

July 16th, 2010

About twenty miles (as the crow flies) from my house, there is a daylily farm.  A daylily farm that I did not even know about.  A daylily farm that was like a secret daylily farm.  So I set out with a few friends to unearth this daylily farm so that it would be a secret no longer.

We drove through some pretty country to get there.

And then we saw the daylilies.

Hundreds and hundreds of daylilies…

Thousands of them all dressed up in their prettiest dresses.

This one was called Hawaiian Party Dress.

I don’t remember what this one was called because after encountering Hawaiian Party Dress’ my mind sort of went blank.

But I do know that this is an ‘Asiatic lily’ not be confused with a daylily.  Asiatic lilies will keep their blooms for three or four days while a daylily bloom only lasts for a day.

Did you know that dayliliy blooms only last for a day?

It seems kind of obvious to me at this point, but prior to my visit to the daylily farm, I was under the impression that the name ‘daylily’ was just a name – kind of like ‘Hawaiian Party Dress’ is just a name.  I mean it is not a literal dress is it?

Horticultural is a labyrinth of puzzling factoids.

This is the lady who grows all the daylillies.

After we browsed among her blooms, she offered us pie and lemonade.

We felt it would be impolite to decline.

It was homemade apricot pie.  Made from apricots that she had picked just the day before.

And that was when I decided to move in with this woman and live with her for the rest of my life.

You can find me here. Sitting by her beautiful water garden eating a piece of pie. Watching the daylillies bloom for a single day.

Because someone needs to watch them.

I have decided that it should be me.

This was my favorite stand.

It had the prettiest design…

And also – the best costumes.

At first I didn’t know what this vegetable was.

I thought maybe they were exotic carrots.

Or petite beets.

Or tiny red rutabagas!

But then I read the sign.

“Radishes” it said.

Sometimes I have a tendency to over think things a little bit.

Hey!  I told you it was exciting!

Happy Fourth of July!