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After a few weeks of discussion, I finally got the Country Doctor to build a fence for my garden.






He wanted to pound a few metal stakes in the ground, stretch out some chicken wire, and call it done.






I really needed something a little prettier.  


I did…


My garden is right outside the windows by my kitchen table!  

Can it really be helped if I need a nice view to go with my morning Eggo waffles? 




The Country Doctor finally gave in and built a wooden fence for me.

But not without first commenting…

“The nice thing about the fence that you want, is that it not only requires half a day to build and brutal post hole digging, but I also have to go out and buy a bunch of new supplies instead of using what I already have on hand!”

“I am glad that things are working out so well for you dear.” I replied.





Here are the three brutal fence posts that took an hour to dig, which had to be purchased instead of using the metal stakes that we already had, which could have been pounded into the ground in less than ten minutes.



I never promised that life with me would be easy!









He did however make use of a few boards that we already had up in the barn rafters.








We attached rabbit fencing to the boards as the Kentucky Wonders and the Asparagus beans prefer to climb a metal grid instead of wood boards. 

Which yes, this means that the Country Doctor’s metal stake and chicken wire fence would have made far more sense.

But this garden is not just about making sense.








It’s about trying to create something magical!


What’s the point of creating anything without a little magic involved?

Maybe this fence doesn’t look so magical to you?

Well, it’s a damn site more magical than metal stakes and chicken wire!




A magical country urn!










Thanks dear!  

Of all of my husbands, you are my favorite.


And also the only husband.


So far…

My First Salad!

May 27th, 2009

I am calling this one Garden Greens with Blue Bowl.






And this one… Garden Greens, Blue Bowl, Show Cat #1.






Green, Blue, Scissors.






I snipped the tender lettuce, the crinkly spinach, and a mesclun mix that is primarily dominated by a robust arugula, brought them in the house and covered them in cold water to get rid of the dirt.  While they were soaking, I made up a batch of Rita’s salad dressing.

I would give you the recipe for Rita’s salad dressing if I could, but it is one of those things you never really write down.  It takes about a half cup of mayo, a quarter cup of vinegar, salt, pepper, and sugar.  Keep adding things until it tastes good.  You may want to throw in some garlic… or some mustard… or some rosemary… you know… mess with it… until it tastes good.  

It will eventually…

Hopefully you won’t have a gallon of salad dressing made before you get it right.





The Country Doctor heartily approved of my salad.

Feeling kind of giddy, I decided to take my salad on a tour of our fake farm.

Which is a lot less fake now that it has a real garden!




And here we have garden fresh salad with boys on screen porch…




Garden fresh salad with urn and barn…






Garden fresh salad with show cat and a metal trunk that I bought at a neighbor’s garage sale.






Garden fresh salad and a different neighbor’s dog named Bailey.






This is my garden fresh salad sitting on the driveway.

I really don’t know what motivates me to take these odd food photos, except for a desire to make fun of all the food blogs in all of the world.






Oh… and also the photographer is kind of an oddball herself.

That salad was really good.

Maybe the best salad I have ever had in my life!

There was so much more than just the tasting… there was the planting and the watering and the weeding…

All in one bite.

I am making another one tomorrow!

Me Wee Lit’l Garden

May 20th, 2009

Attention any real gardeners who might be reading this post!
The girl who planted this garden does not know what she is doing.
She does not know anything about gardening!
She just got some dirt, and put some seeds in it. Amazingly some things are actually growing! It is the most exciting thing that has ever [...]