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Hand Made Barn Doors

October 2nd, 2008

On my days off from work, I have a strong tendency to occupy myself with the one or more of the following activites.

1. Stare blankly into space for hours.
2. Stare blankly at ceiling fan for hours.
3. Attempt to guide tea and sandwich into mouth while staring blankly at walls and fan.
4. Miss mouth while trying for several minutes to guide tea and sandwich into cheek, ear, eyebrow, and forehead.
5. Finally, find mouth and give self food and drink.
6. Wipe drool from chin with back of hand.
7. Nap.
The Country Doctor on the other hand is a whole different animal. He happily gyrates from one insane project to another. A few days ago he informed me that “September was yard month” and “October is barn month.” To celebrate the start of “Barn Month” the Country Doctor built himself some doors.

To build the doors, the Country Doctor used some left over tongue and groove pine floor boards from our mudroom flooring.
He managed to work in a few cute “barn type” details into the door.  

He enlisted Ethan to help him paint.

One of the doors has a window and one does not.  

He originally planned to purchase ready made doors, but at the last minute he decided to try and build some himself.

I am really glad he did.  
I wonder what other projects “Barn Month” has in store?  
I hope there aren’t any stanchions… or horse stalls involved.  

The Country Doctor has been building some doors for our barn.

These doors have opened up a new debate between the CD and myself in regards to hardware.  I would like some nice iron handles possibly forged by the CD’s father, while the CD want to fashion some simple handles from wood himself.

And it was while I was photographing these doors and mulling over our hardware debate  when I spotted Cookie on the window sill…

And suddenly I had trouble focusing on the barn door… or on the potential barn door handles.

Because I was distracted by a sweet fluffy tail which used to be connected to a fluffy body which is not quite so fluffy anymore…

And then I saw the dangling leg and I thought to myself… Oh!  She is so beautiful….

Look at that face.  
Look at it.  
Wooky Cookie Wooky over here at your mama.  
Oh sweet little Cookie cat.  
Who wuvs you Cookie?  
Who wuvs her wittle Cookie kitten cat?  
Wook at her! 
Huh?  What?   Where was I?  Oh yes, barn doors.  I think I will shut mine right now.  And go find my wittle Cookie Kitten Cat.  Sweet little girly girl kitty.  Here kitty kitty.  Here kitty!

On my way home from work a few days ago…

As I turned down our driveway…

I almost ran over my son’s bicycle…

And had to veer suddenly off the road to miss it!

And that’s when  I took a picture of the dashboard…

Because I was distracted by the sight of a strange man appearing out of what seems like mist, but it is not mist, it is actually just a very poor photo…
And here is another very poor photo…
But back to that strange man who was wearing shredded clothing and sporting a bad haircut.  
Who appeared to be painting my barn!
I had grown so accustomed to the “Bleeding Kansas Barn” that I was speechless!

No one seemed to mind that I was rendered speechless, especially the strange man with the shredded, stained clothing and the poor haircut.
A few days later, I took some more photos of our new red barn.

And then I took some more…

And yes sorry, just a few more…