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For the next selection in my summer reading program, I am selecting a movie instead of a book. I am allowed to select a movie because this is my summer reading program and I am completely in charge and no one can tell me what to do.

This is why I love blogging.
I am the boss.

I am the CEO.

I am the entire board of directors.

And I am also the largest contributor.

So the CEO and The Board of Directors have to suck up to ME!

Which is also ME so it doesn’t even matter!

All of this authority makes me very happy.

Deliriously happy.

Fanatically happy. 

It especially makes me happy right now as The Country Doctor and I are in the middle of family vacation negotiations… and it is not going well.

You see, my idea of a vacation is to find a comfortable chair, overlooking a beautiful vista, with a cold drink and a book, and a few snacks and to not move from this spot for several days, except to go to dinner, and maybe to sit in a hot tub.

And I also would not mind doing a little shopping and maybe finding a good cup of coffee in a quaint little bakery.

But then it is right back to my book.


The Country Doctor’s idea of a vacation is to cover at least 300 miles a day, stopping only to buy more baloney and cheap bread.

The only places we are allowed to linger more than fifteen minutes are at civil war battlefields, where we will all be forced to don ear phones and lumber around an empty grassy plane while trying to maintain consciousness, as every move of the battle is repeated over the head set, and at professional baseball games in whatever region of the country we are visiting. 

Except that I won’t go to the professional baseball games anymore, because I put my foot down about that a few years ago. Now I shop, while they go to baseball games, and we all are much happier.

But back to the book giveaway which is a movie giveaway this time.

This is me holding Colin Firth tenderly in my arms. Look at how at peace he seems. It is clear we belong together. I bet Colin does not even like baseball. I bet he hasn’t even heard of the Civil War! I bet Colin would love to just sit and read for his entire vacation. OR I could sit and read and overlook COLIN instead of a beautiful vista!


This is Colin taking a shower in coffee.

I really love this picture. 

As a second prize in this give away I am offering a chance to win a fabulous booklet of Pride and Prejudice Paper Dolls!

Please try to contain your excitement!

I love the paper dolls because they remind me of a vacation my sister and I took with our grandparents to Arkansas one summer.

To entertain my sister and I on the long car trip, my Grandma had a plain brown paper sack in the front of the car and every once in a while she would open it up and give us something from the bag.

Sometimes it was a snack… sometimes it was a toy… sometimes it was a book of crossword puzzles… but the best thing she had in that bag were paper dolls.

Those paper dolls entertained us for hours!

And I just know that one lucky winner will have the same fun that we did with this set of paper dolls!

Here is Mr. Darcy in his underwear.

And this is the Country Doctor planning our vacation with the kitty (Stormy) at his side.

This giveaway has come to an end.

This is it folks.

The last of the country life book giveaways for my fabulous summer reading program.

Was that a huge sigh of relief I just heard?

Was it?

WAS IT???!!!?!?! 

Now listen here people, I happen to have a big place in my heart for books about wackos who go off and live somewhere hard and learn to survive off the land and build their own houses out of the twigs and mud and berries and make their own clothing from raw wool right off the back of a baby sheep. But I like to think there is more to me than just crazy fantasies of life in a cabin on a farm on a precarious cliff overlooking the ocean with no one to help but a three legged goat and a husband who prefers to work in the nude.

I like to think there is more to me than just that!

I also like mysteries…

and also…

um also…

I occasionally read books about… 



Sometimes I glance through…



And sometimes I read…


But other than that, I admit to being a little bit stuck in the genre of country life/ gardening/ people who build their own houses/ type literature.

So for the last go round of this genre I am offering three books on the above mentioned subjects that I absolutely adore.

And then we will move on.

I promise..

For a little while at least…

All the books are again from Alibris so don’t go thinking that I am stealing books from public libraries! 

Here are the selections.

Back to the Damn Soil by Tulsa, Oklahoma writer, Mary Gubser.

This book tells the story of a young couple who move out to the country and guess what?

Go on guess!

Can you guess?!?!

They start up a little farm and build a little farm house and the resulting tales are full of humor and inner strength and character and wit… etcetera, etcetera, blah, blah, blah…

But seriously, Mary Gubser lived her farm life adventure during WWII. Her husband, a young lawyer was recruited to run one of the airline factories during the war and he virtually disappeared, working very hard to keep American pumping out bombers. Mary was forced to run a farm and raise three small boys alone. She tells of breeding cows and horses and her crazy neighbors who ran an illegal bar and kept their illegal hooch buried in their illegal garden.

It is a great story both because it captures a snippet of extremely interesting American history, and it also is a funny country story which I yes, um, yes, happen to love.

Did you know I called Mary once?

Yes I did.

I fell so madly in love with this book, that once while staying with a friend on Grand Lake of the Cherokees outside of Tulsa, I called Mary Gubser to ask her for directions to the old farmhouse! I knew we were very close to it and I had to try and find it or I would die.

She was very nice and happy that people were still reading and falling in love with her book. She gave me directions and my friend and I set out to find it.

We eventually did find a house that looked like it may have been the right one, but it was no longer a solitary farmhouse miles from Tulsa. Instead, it was very much a part of Tulsa in a neighborhood that had probably sprung up in the 50′s or 60′s. So I did not exactly get to see the farmhouse the way I had always pictured it.

But I did get to talk to Mary.

And that was pretty cool.

The second book in this giveaway is Acres and Pains by S.J. Perelman.

Here is my copy of the same book.

I think that cover pretty much says it all.

I wish the copy I was giving away had the same cover but alas, I ain’t giving up my copy.

If you are unaware of the sterling contributions to American literature and theater made by S.J. Perelman you can get a small sampling here.

His writing was the humorous backbone of the New Yorker for years. He is simply one of the great American humorists and more people should read his books now. Right now! Right this very minute!

Finally – Ken Kraft and his book The Land of Milk and Omelets.

This is a book my sister and I both love dearly. So if you don’t trust my literary tastes, perhaps you will trust April’s. After all, she does homeschool her kids, so her moral superiority is clearly self evident. She also has pigs and chickens and a real live garden and I think this is all because I once let her borrow The Land of Milk and Omelets and the next thing I knew she was buying a flock of chickens.

And yes, it is just another book about people homesteading in the post WWII era. But it is written with so much spirit and enthusiasm and yes humor, that you can’t help but be entertained and even have crazy thoughts about going out and buying your own flock of chickens.

This book giveaway has come to an end

For the second book in my summer reading program, I am choosing We Took To The Woods By Louise Dickinson Rich. It may become clear to you as this summer reading program progresses, that I have very specific likes when it comes to books. I strongly prefer non-fiction, first person accounts about people who go off and do strange things in difficult places and have either a rib cracking sense of humor about it or who are so deftly poetic in their writing that I am borne away on the wings of their prose… to another world… full of waving flowers in a meadow… while little elfin antelope deer birds frolick… in the dense fragrant forest… of love…with lutes… and fifes… and bagpipes…and unicorns…



Oh yeah, I like writers that are you know… good writers.

Louise falls into the later category but she is also funny. Kind of funny strange, but also funny funny.

Here is the basic synopsis. In the 1940′s, Louise goes on a canoe trip with some friends. While on this trip she meets a woolly bear who turns out to be a man who turns out to marry her who turns out to sweep her away forever to the remotest corner of Maine, which today probably has a McDonalds and a Home Depot, and at least seven strip malls along a four lane highway that has a Mister Moose Canoe Outfitters and a Lumberjack Backwoods Mountain Man Pizza Grill in each one.

But back then, it was remote. Really remote. So remote that Louise and her woolly bear husband didn’t see other people for months at a time. And they entertained themselves by trying to stay warm and keeping the logging road clear enough for the occasional visitor to get through.

So when it came to having babies and getting groceries and shopping trips to the mall for a new pair of shoes, Louise’s life was kind of hard.

Inside the cover there is map of all the places that were a part of Louise’s very hard, very remote, very no internet or television or even library life.

I love books with maps.

The copy I ordered for you also has a dust jacket with a picture of their cabin. Sadly my own copy does not have the dust jacket. I thought about keeping the dust jacket for myself, but that seemed wrong.

This bloggy giveaway has been forever buried in the sands of time immortal.