This Cracked Me Up

February 13th, 2013


  • Kay in KCMO:

    This was the perfect response. lol

  • ameliajake:

    Gosh, This is one of those times when being Back Home Again in Indiana is kind of embarrassing.

    By the way, Rechelle, I came across a blog in which the author has a series of posts praising God for letting an ER nurse, a former paramedic and a vacationing anesthesiologist be the first people to happen upon a motorcycle accident.(A fellow ran into a car driven by an elderly man who turned left without using his blinker.) Oh, yeah, her daughter’s neurosurgeon was visiting that week-end. Over and over again she asks what are the odds of God getting all these people together. Not once does she ask about the motorcyclist being on that stretch of highway at that precise moment the guy turned.

  • Rainy:

    Thanks for the laugh this morning!