Kitchen Progress

February 21st, 2013

Here is what the kitchen looked like when we moved in except that there used to be a large pantry where that wall area has been torn out.

Our contractor built a new pantry right next to where the old pantry was located.  This allowed for enough wall space to let us relocate a ten foot stretch of upper cabinets from the north wall to the west wall.

And then we cut a big hole in the north wall to connect a once formal living room with the kitchen.

This is my kitchen with no cabinets.  It was a bit “gray gardens” around here for a while.

While the contractor was busy tearing out walls in my kitchen, I painted the kitchen cabinets in the basement with Annie Sloan chalk paint.

These are the doors after two coats of her “old white”.  I gave the doors a distressed look by sanding off the paint around the edges.  There were times that I felt like an insane person – putting paint on the cabinets and then taking it back off, putting it back on and then taking it back off.  One has to wonder sometimes at the things we modern women do for the sake of a pretty kitchen.

One night, after a day spent partying in Lawrence with some old friends, I came home to find the CD and the boys had put the cabinets back in place.

You can see a gap beside the stove.  A small cabinet that is still a part of the current island will fill that hole, but we can’t take it out until we are ready to dismantle the island and I am unwilling to go without a sink and dishwasher for a single moment longer than I must.

While I put my kitchen back together by filling up the cabinets, the CD cut some new shelves for the pantry.

Originally the walls of the pantry were painted the same blue as the walls behind the cabinets, but we decided that maybe it was too much blue, so we painted the pantry a nice neutral tannish, color by Sherwin Williams called “Outerbanks”.  But I decided to leave the interior of the pantry blue because I was tired and couldn’t find the strength to go on.  Besides!  It’s a nice blue and Annie Sloan the “chalk paint guru of the internet” calls these types of interior color surprises a “quiet riot”.

And then we went about hanging the doors.

I spray painted the old hinges bronze.

It is so nice to have some cabinets in my kitchen!!!!

In the meantime… On the other side of the kitchen, Larry cut another hole!

Will the madness ever end????


  • Kait:

    There is simply no choice. You must distress that fridge as well. It is much too unscathed.

  • The doors. Are awesome.

  • Catherine:

    Are those Anthropologie bowls in your cabinets? I like the distressed paint work!

  • Martha in Kansas:

    Coming along! I notice a lack of purple. The cabinet doors in the basement looked sort of second-hand, but installed — AWESOME! You have a good eye and much better imagination than I do. How’s the CD doing? He had time for installing, so hopefully his work has settled down.

  • the editor:

    Kait is absolutely right. Distress the fridge. I also recommend chalk painting the stove so that there is an cohesive flow to the wall. The cabinet paint is my favorite so far.

  • jill:

    At this point distressing the fridge would be low priority for me, I would definitely take 10 minutes and switch the fridge doors to open the other way. So far it looks fantastic and I have great respect for you, moving, remodeling, changing jobs, raising boys, and doing your own work. Hats off to you!

    oh, and I found a nice RV for your family. It’s a beautiful A Class with all purple interior. Let me know if you want the link.

  • LucyJoy:

    Looking good!