The New Digs

December 30th, 2012

Here’s the only decent photo I currently have of the kitchen. Please note the purple wall, which is only the first of many in the new house.   In this photo, the CD is taking a post-Christmas nap having just gotten home from working 64 hours in a row. Yeah… you don’t even want to know. Let’s just say that no man should ever try to be two doctors at the same time.

I know the room is a wreck. It’s a post Christmas wreck on top of a just moved in wreck on top of a renovation wreck! I am just glad the roof and the wall are keeping the cold out at this point.

This room appears to have been a nursery for the former owners.  It does not qualify as an official bedroom because there is not closet.  We used it briefly as an office, but we have already removed a wall in this room to make it into a true bedroom complete with a closet.  Note the lilac paint.  I am not kidding when I say the former owners were a wee bit fixated on purple.

Master bath.  Purple walls of course.  Purple roses and lilac swirls on the curtains and the border paper.  My mom told me that she liked the curtains.  I told her that she could have them.

Evidently whoever painted the bathroom purple decided not to ante up to replace the turquoise counter top.

The former owners had three daughters.

Drew got the butterfly bedroom.

He promptly removed the butterfly curtains.

Well… half butterflies and half dragonflies.

What more can a boy ask for?

Jack’s room is pink, green and yellow.

He was actually very excited about his pink shelves and has filled them with his favorite books, The Warrior series by Erin Hunter.  They are books about cat clans.  Jack LOVES them.

The master bedroom has the same purple roses and the same purple paint as the master bath.  I do love it when a house coordinates!

The hall bathroom that serves Jack and Drew’s bedrooms is super tiny.  I aim to fix that.

But the downstairs bathroom is HUGE!  And thankfully covered in purple butterflies!

I do love that hand painted butterfly situated slightly off center of the lilac colored toilet!  It will be hard to let it go!

So I took a picture of it for posterity!  Perhaps I will frame and hang this photo slightly off center above the new toilet.

But then where would I put my painting of the Oracle?

Anyone in the market for purple butterfly curtains?

Because I have some if you need them.

I already rented a belt sander and sanded down all the basement walls and ceiling.  The texture in the basement was clearly done by someone who preferred to down a six pack before starting any type of DIY project.  I’ve almost got the entire thing painted too!

This is Calder’s room.

You can’t tell from the photo, but the texture in this room was especially horrible.

My husband hired a contractor to finish out the closet.

While the contractor was finishing the closet, I asked him what could be done about the terrible texture on the walls and ceiling.  He said he could skim coat it which means applying a thin layer of plaster over the entire surface.

I told him to go ahead.  It looks much better now.  In fact, Calder’s room is the nicest room in the entire basement.  I wish I could have done the entire basement, but I decided to put my funds toward a few other projects instead.

The contractor also walled up that hole.

This is the living area in the basement.  Ooooh!  Purple walls!  Who would have ever guessed!

The previous owners had an aquarium built into that open space.  They took it with them which is fine by me!  But it did leave us with another hole to fill in.

There also used to be a wood burning stove on the brick wall in this photo.  The owners told us that if we did not want it, they would take it.  We told them that we did want it because what else were we going to do with a brick wall in the basement?  Unfortunately, our loan did not close on the new house on the same day as our loan closed on our old house.  This left us homeless for several days.  We asked the previous owners if we could possibly rent the home from them for a few days so that we could have a place to put our furniture and lay down our weary heads at night.  The previous owners had already moved out.  In fact, the house had sat vacant for two years.  They agreed to let us move in and didn’t charge us rent, but their cost was one wood burning stove.

We are not sure if we are going to replace it or just tear it all out.

That’s all the photos I’ve got for now.  As you can see, we’ve got ourselves a project!  Its’ kind of fun though.  I do love working on a house.


  • km:

    Oh boy! you have your work cut out for you. How exciting though!
    I have to admit, I had one purple room in my old house too.
    Just one.

  • Holy crap Rechelle! I can only guess that you bought the house from some major K-State fans! Yikes! Me likey purple, but not that much! Hope the new house remodel goes swiftly!

  • the editor:

    I would be crying myself to sleep. Every. Single. Night. My only hope is that my spirits will be uplifted by seeing incredible “after” photos. Please post carefully selected photos from decorator magazines if no real ones are available.

  • I just discovered the pictures of your new home.
    Whaou … So much butterflies ! And so much purple !! … And so much work ;)
    I guess it will be a real challenge and a big project to redo it following your own tastes.
    I love to decorate a new home. Good luck, Rechelle !

  • Peggy in TN:

    When we moved into our house 6 years ago, we had purple Formica counter tops with a matching purple Formica back splash. There was also wallpaper in the exact same shade of purple below the chair rail in said kitchen with a nice trellis/viney/purple flower wallpaper above the chair rail. It would have looked so lovely in your home. Ha! We have always bought “fixer-uppers” and enjoy the challenge and outcome.Have fun with yours and I look forward to seeing the “afters” ~Peggy

  • Lisa:

    Oh, Rechelle. Looking at these pictures, I just kept thinking, “But…you had a BEAUTIFUL house. Whyyyyy???”

    There are people (like you) that are energized and inspired by projects like this, then there are people like me that would walk around, open-mouthed in horror, totally incapable of seeing the potential. I’m not proud of it, but that’s how it is.

    Sure, I can handle changing out some flooring, painting, new cabinets, maybe even knocking down a wall or two. But I’m with the poster that would cry herself to sleep every night, ’cause I’m just *that* much of a princess. ;-)

    That said, I can’t wait to see the “after” photos. Good luck!

    • ruth in ak:

      Nancy in ak directed me to your blog…… loving it so far, although I’ve skipped around a lot. I can’t find the explanation of WHY you sold your dream home? WHY???? Curious. :)

  • susan:

    aaargh! textured walls and purple – definitely can remedy but always wonder at WTF were the previous owners thinking? But my little old 50s rent house I painted in my favorite green – and my office here at work is probably viewed by others the same way. So its all subjective. Your life has certainly changed in the last year Rechelle. Wow. Would love to know all the back story leading to that!

  • LucyJoy:

    Yee-haw! Let the fun begin…. Uh…. I don’t envy you.

  • Spinny:

    I didn’t know there was anyone who liked purple *that* much. That’s a lot of girly purple you’ve got going. I’ll be surprised if the boys don’t decide they want black paint on their walls just to ward off all the previous girly-ness. ;)

    BTW, is that a DIY Minecraft character I see in Jack’s room? My 12-year old son would be very impressed and slightly jealous.