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Before We Begin…

December 22nd, 2012

Before I delve into the story of our new house and where our family is and what we are doing, I felt the need to add my condolences, my sorrow and my broken heart along with the rest of the world in regards to the tragedy at Sandy Hook. I think about the families, the friends, the community of those who lost a beloved child, a mother, a daughter, a friend every single day.  I mourn with you and I send you all peace and love.


December 9th, 2012

My son Drew is having a few friends spend the night at our house tonight.  They built a campfire on the lawn and then I called them in to eat some pizza.  They took a few slices of pizza downstairs to watch the Heismann trophy announcement on TV, then they came back upstairs to eat some more pizza.  And that is when the following conversation took place…

Drew – Let’s go back out to the fire.

Friend 1 – Why? What’s out at the fire?

Drew – The fire.

The other day I was driving Drew home from school and he related a bit of his personal philosophy to me…

“Sometimes when I am dreading something… like a cross country race or a test or something like that… I just tell myself, in two days, this will all be behind me.  Or in less than an hour, this will all be behind me…  And then I just zone out and stop worrying about it.”

In other news…

We sold our house.  In only two days time, we depart this sweet abode, this house that we built -  our dream house for what I am referring to as “The Pink Nightmare House”.  Because the house we bought is pink and it is a nightmare.  If I ever start to post regularly again, it will involve mas mucho renovation.

In other, other news…

My husband quit his job.  The country doctor is the country doctor no more.  From now on he is the Emergency Room doctor in a town two hours away.  He took a job wherein he works two 24 hour shifts a week.  No more call, dictation, nursing homes, or middle of the night trips in to the local ER.  It’s a big change for our family especially now as he is currently working both jobs which is making this whole move thing a bit tricky.  But we aim to get through it one day at a time.

In other, other, OTHER news…

Here are a few of Calder’s senior pictures.  They turned out beautifully thanks to Audra Downing, a photographer out of Kansas City.  She met us one late Sunday afternoon in downtown Lawrence, Kansas where we strolled the back alleys behind both sides of Massachusetts street finding some great back drops for his photos.

Way back last Spring Calder told me, “Mom, I DON’T want to take my senior photos in a wheat field!”  The wheat field is a popular motif around here and one that I think is very pretty, but Calder said he wanted an “urban” setting for his pictures and that’s how we ended up in Lawrence.  The photos are very Calder – and I suppose that is the whole point of senior pictures….

The one above is his mother’s favorite…

Or maybe this one!

To see a few more click here.

Calder’s Senior Pics

December 9th, 2012

Here’s a good view of one of the many back alleys we explored for this shoot.

You would not believe how many wonderful little nooks and crannies we found for various backdrops as we wandered around the alleys of Downtown Lawrence.

The photographer, Audra Downing, wanted to get some shots  with this large piece of blue metal behind Calder….

Which required him to sit in a patch of weeds…

But I think the bright blue was worth the trouble.

At one point the photographer sighed that girls were much easier to pose than boys, because girls have so many more poses.

Calder said, “Oh yeah!  What about this?”  And then he started flexing his muscles for the camera…

Which is really the only “boy pose” so it sort of proved her point.

This is Calder’s favorite photo… because of the KC Royals seats.

I wanted to get a few with his specs.

Which are purely ornamental even though Calder insists he can’t see anything without them.

Calder wants to put this one in the highschool yearbook.

I told him no.


At the end of the shoot Calder told me to get in the shot with him.

So I did.

And this is my boy….

My beautiful boy.