December 9th, 2012

My son Drew is having a few friends spend the night at our house tonight.  They built a campfire on the lawn and then I called them in to eat some pizza.  They took a few slices of pizza downstairs to watch the Heismann trophy announcement on TV, then they came back upstairs to eat some more pizza.  And that is when the following conversation took place…

Drew – Let’s go back out to the fire.

Friend 1 – Why? What’s out at the fire?

Drew – The fire.

The other day I was driving Drew home from school and he related a bit of his personal philosophy to me…

“Sometimes when I am dreading something… like a cross country race or a test or something like that… I just tell myself, in two days, this will all be behind me.  Or in less than an hour, this will all be behind me…  And then I just zone out and stop worrying about it.”

In other news…

We sold our house.  In only two days time, we depart this sweet abode, this house that we built -  our dream house for what I am referring to as “The Pink Nightmare House”.  Because the house we bought is pink and it is a nightmare.  If I ever start to post regularly again, it will involve mas mucho renovation.

In other, other news…

My husband quit his job.  The country doctor is the country doctor no more.  From now on he is the Emergency Room doctor in a town two hours away.  He took a job wherein he works two 24 hour shifts a week.  No more call, dictation, nursing homes, or middle of the night trips in to the local ER.  It’s a big change for our family especially now as he is currently working both jobs which is making this whole move thing a bit tricky.  But we aim to get through it one day at a time.

In other, other, OTHER news…

Here are a few of Calder’s senior pictures.  They turned out beautifully thanks to Audra Downing, a photographer out of Kansas City.  She met us one late Sunday afternoon in downtown Lawrence, Kansas where we strolled the back alleys behind both sides of Massachusetts street finding some great back drops for his photos.

Way back last Spring Calder told me, “Mom, I DON’T want to take my senior photos in a wheat field!”  The wheat field is a popular motif around here and one that I think is very pretty, but Calder said he wanted an “urban” setting for his pictures and that’s how we ended up in Lawrence.  The photos are very Calder – and I suppose that is the whole point of senior pictures….

The one above is his mother’s favorite…

Or maybe this one!

To see a few more click here.


  • I can see why that smiling boy is your favorite photo.

    I’m amazed that you sold your house! I have a friend who also spent a tremendous amount of brain cells on designing a dream house and then much dedication to build it only to sell it ten years later. I couldn’t understand it at first but I get that it is the process of creating that is so fulfilling. Maybe you could write a blog post about that sometime, explaining why people can build a dream house but don’t need to live in it until they die.

  • Rechelle:

    I am totally with your friend. I love the process too.

  • Oh my goodness Rechelle, so much change! I’m happy for you guys, and for sure understand the need for some changes in the doctor lifestyle. I hope to see some pics of the pink nightmare, and it’s progress. I can only speak for myself, but redoing our house has been fab, and I look forward to doing another in the future. Nothing like an old house to become a new love in your life. And Calder’s photos are awesome! He looks so much like you. Happy Holidays to you guys!

  • Spinny:

    I think I speak for all of us when I say, “We’re gonna need to see pics of the pink nightmare.”

  • Kait:

    Holy! Oh my. I am speechless. Your beautiful house. But home IS where the heart is. I am sure you and your talents will make the new home a showcase.
    By they way, that is a beautiful boy you and the country doctor made.

  • km:

    well this is all very out of the blue:) I’m so looking forward to the PInk Nightmare Adventures.
    Your son could be a model. I love the pics.His expressions are adorable.
    Does this mean school switches for the other guys? Do you all move 2 hours away?Will you be near/far away from family? so many questions.
    I’m very excited for you. What a great adventure!!!!

  • Wow, all kinds of new adventures for you and your family! And yes, we need to see pics of the Pink Nightmare. Perhaps a slideshow with the John Mellencamp song?

  • the editor:

    So you decided to bury the big news under the headline “Drewisms”? Well played. I agree with Spinny: photos will be greatly appreciated. Those photos of the senior did not disappoint. – thanks

  • Old reader, new commenter. Wow, what a offhanded way to announce such an upheavel! Leaving that beautiful home that you built and loved;
    I’m sad for you. But glad for the CD-small-town docs can burn out early and his schedule sounded brutal.. Can’t keep it up forever. Hoping all goes swimmingly with the moves ahead-we’ll be watching!

  • farmgirl:

    WOW! You sound so matter of fact and UP–putting on your big girl panties and having at it! My brother in law is a country doctor so I know the heavy load and government gliches that change everything…sigh. Best of the luck to the new hospitalist and to his family and …..I get so attached to place…..this house we built is no longer “right” for us but how could I leave…..my views…my trees…my pond….???? Let me see the pink house!

  • MichelleG:

    Little pink houses exist outside of John Mellencamp songs? People leave their dream homes for them? Will the doctor be doing his 24 hour shifts consecutively? (Kidding! Even I know that would be a 48 hour shift!) Don’t you think 24 hour shifts are dangerous? Who is that hot chick hugging Drew in the last photo? Is that his new gf? (Kidding again! You look amazing!)

  • MichelleG:

    Woops1 I mean Calder!

  • Kay in KCMO:

    Ack! You’ve moved! So, is there room for a garden come Spring? Is the Pink Nightmare House just a temporary stop until you can put pencil to graph paper and draw floor plans for the “real” house? And people who live in pink houses are always “those” people. “Who are they?” “Oh, those are the people who live in the pink house.” And everyone nods knowingly. It takes a [ahem] certain kind of person to live in a pink house. ;)

    I’ll echo everyone else and say that we’d really like pictures.

    Will Calder get to graduate from Wamego or will he have to transfer?

  • AmeliaJake:

    I’ve read this post a couple of times and been thinking of you; finally, I decided that, well, I could let you know.