Calder’s Senior Pics

December 9th, 2012

Here’s a good view of one of the many back alleys we explored for this shoot.

You would not believe how many wonderful little nooks and crannies we found for various backdrops as we wandered around the alleys of Downtown Lawrence.

The photographer, Audra Downing, wanted to get some shots  with this large piece of blue metal behind Calder….

Which required him to sit in a patch of weeds…

But I think the bright blue was worth the trouble.

At one point the photographer sighed that girls were much easier to pose than boys, because girls have so many more poses.

Calder said, “Oh yeah!  What about this?”  And then he started flexing his muscles for the camera…

Which is really the only “boy pose” so it sort of proved her point.

This is Calder’s favorite photo… because of the KC Royals seats.

I wanted to get a few with his specs.

Which are purely ornamental even though Calder insists he can’t see anything without them.

Calder wants to put this one in the highschool yearbook.

I told him no.


At the end of the shoot Calder told me to get in the shot with him.

So I did.

And this is my boy….

My beautiful boy.


  • Spinny:

    Your so is incredibly handsome and very photogenic.

    • Spinny:


      Ugh, my poor typing skills.

  • Lori Anne:

    He is a beautiful boy Rah. All of your boys are. :)

  • Grandma Rita:

    They are all great. I can’t choose.

  • How will you choose from these photos? They are all wonderful! He’s a handsome young man!

  • Clay:

    What a good looking guy! And I don’t know why the photographer thought girls would be easier to pose. He shows such a range of expression and just draws your eyes to his.

  • Patricia:

    Yes, he is a beautiful boy…….

  • LucyJoy:

    What a handsome young man.

    I agree, so much more “artsy” than a wheat field.