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Best Poker Faces Ever

October 25th, 2012

A few nights ago, I went upstairs to tell Jack goodnight and discovered this scene on his bedroom floor.

You can see that there are four hands in this game.

I can only surmise that Jack must have been the fourth.

I asked Jack about the game.  He said that he was winning (of course) but that “Bunny” was within forty points.

“Wolfy was losing, but “Catty” was also not faring particularly well.

Jack may not be very original when it comes to naming his stuffed animals, but in other ways….

We Have This Chicken at Work…

October 25th, 2012

Sometime in the middle of the summer an unusually wily chicken managed to slip away from her captors at a nearby hatchery and she took refuge at the Garden Center where I work. She was discovered sheltering from the heat of the sun underneath the perennial displays and almost at once a bug brigade was formed to collect fat caterpillars from the annuals and the tomato plants to fatten her up for our own designs…

Which were to create the most pampered chicken in the universe.

And though her beak had already been clipped and her feathers as well, she managed to grow plump and happy from the cracked corn and oyster shells with which the employees of the Garden Center supplemented her buggy diet.

And they decided to name her Lucky.

Lucky Clucky.

And every day, usually mid morning, she lays an egg under register one.

And then she is off again on her rounds…

To patrol the Garden Center grounds.

Until she is called back to the store.

Chicky Chicky Chicky!

And she will come a runnin’!

To find a delectable snack of tender worms or crunchy grasshoppers with her name on it.

Can’t Touch This…

October 6th, 2012

My three oldest boys are all in highschool this year. For homecoming week, one of the media classes made a lip dub. They managed to get every kid in the highschool in the video. My eldest is in the bright pink tank top at the beginning and my sophomore is in the Superman suit at the end. Drew, my freshman is somewhere in the video too, but his face is covered up by his ninja costume, so you can’t really tell it’s him. It’s a super fun video. Almost makes you want to go back to highschool… okay – not really – but the kids look like they are having fun, plus! It’s a song from the EIGHTIES! Hammer Time!