A Leetle Garden Toower

July 17th, 2012

To celebrate my dad’s 69th birthday, we had a family cook out and we all went to my son Ethan’s latest show at our community theater.

And then we made the birthday boy churn his own ice-cream.

My son Ethan has become quite the musical theater actor of late.  I’ll do a post on it sometimes (read probably never) but the reason that my sister and I are dressed up is because we went to the theater and not because we are members of a fundy cult.

At some point during the fete’, April asked me to take her out to my garden.

I never hesitate to show anyone my garden.

It’s my favorite place on earth.

Here I am showing her my brussel sprouts.

My brussel sprouts that do nothing except grow leaves and feed insects.

I planted some romaine lettuce in the shade of my huge leafed brussel sprouts in the hopes that the shade would keep the lettuce from turning bitter in our hundred degree summer weather.

But that plan didn’t work.

So now I have bitter romaine and massive brussel sprout plants that never fruit.

And yet still – my garden is my favorite place on earth!

I must secretly love pain.

Here we are walking back to the house.

And this is when I tell you the real reason that I published these photos on my blog.

Because my dress is prettier than April’s.

And I look way better in this picture than she does!


  • Kait:

    Yes, yes you do. I wasn’t going to say it but you did so…
    You look wonderful :)

  • Kathy from NJ:

    I love your dress and you look great in it. It also looks like it is much cooler.

  • I planted brussel sprouts for the first time this year only to find out afterward that they are always considered bug fodder. But I heard that dousing them with diluted raw milk somehow keeps the aphids in check so I’m planning to give that a try. I need to try that first on the cabbage plants which are curling up with aphids at this point. ‘

    Do you water your garden? It looks nice and green.

    • Rechelle:

      There’s a bit of a contrast between the grass and the garden isn’t there. Oh dear! It appears I am choosing favorites!

  • Spiderjohn:

    I’ve always thought that both of you are very attractive.

    • Rechelle:

      No, actually just me. Ha!

  • Spinny:

    Because my dress is prettier than April’s. And I look way better in this picture than she does!

    These things are important when you’re a sister! :)

    My sister turned 40 recently and I responded to the eVite for her party by telling her how incredibly old she is. Aaahh, the joys of being the baby sister.

    • LucyJoy:

      There are terrific benefits to being the youngest!

  • Ann Theresa Bower:

    the importance difference is that you have Wine! Smart!

  • Rechelle, could you post some close up shots of your garden? I would love to see what you’re growing. Do you have herbs?

    And yes, you are wearing the prettier dress. Love it.

  • Carol Kufeldt:

    I literally LOL’ed- because that is universal among sisters, isn’t it? (and I agree whole heartedly with your assessment. It can’t be prejudiced if it’s true, right?

  • Nancy:

    Aaahahaha! I would absolutely post any pics of me looking better than my sister (which is kind of ALL of them) – it’s almost a sibling requirement. By the way, you do look lovely!

    As an awkward P.S. – have you been to any of the atheism boards on Pinterest? Oh my, they are fantastic!