June 16th, 2012

Over Memorial Day weekend, we headed south to visit “the cousins”. We had a great time. “The cousins” have a backyard pool and perhaps even more importantly a B and B across the street where our family got to hole up. It was really nice to see family and swim and barbeque and hang out, but even nicer to disappear into a large, old creaking house whenever I felt the need to escape the crowds (which for me is about every half hour on the hour.)

After this experience, I must say that I highly recommend relatives who come with their own neighborhood B and B’s. Should you be contemplating adding new relatives to your, you may want to look for the ones with the best guest accommodations. Trust me, it will make your life much more tolerable.

The best part about the B and B was that the owners did not live in it.


The owners did not live in it!



So we were not constantly accosted by some coo coo crazy pants owner who wanted to tell us all about his college yearbook collection! Although I must also say that if you spend just a wee bit of time with the B and B owner who has the college year book collection, you might find that underneath that vulnerable yearbook oozing flesh wound is a very interesting human being who will happily engage in any kind of conversation with you ranging from strange religious encounters to the best restaurants in New Orleans. The lesson here is – sometimes the strangest people are the best ones. But you probably already knew that, didn’t you.

So here are a few pics of the B and B for those of you who love a great old house.

The second floor sleeping porch.

This one comes complete with a sleeping teenager.

Let’s pause here in the upstairs hall bathroom to admire the turquoise hex tile.

And the edge of that great old tub.

Appropriately scary stair hall with somewhat obnoxious wallpaper and somewhat unfortunate brown carpeting.

But the woodwork is truly fab.

The ceilings in this house were twelve feet tall – on BOTH FLOORS!

I got a nosebleed every time I climbed up to my bed chamber!


And yes, I climbed to my chamber and not my bedroom. And yes, I carried a flickering candle causing monstrous shadows to clamor all along the walls as I crept up the stairs. And yes, I wore my hair in a raven colored braid hanging straight down my back. And of course, I was clad only in a long, thin, white, nightgown that shimmered with vintage vulnerability and prickly paranoia. And obviously my other hand clutched a glinting butcher knife which was dripping with fresh blood and the clotted entrails of a thousand cursed demon oxen.

Does any of this even need to be mentioned?

Super cute kitchen cabinets!

I liked the black and white wallpaper.

Main floor sunroom.

Loved how the windows are framed out in arches.

Living room outfitted for dinner parties.

The walls glowed with some kind of buffed marble like finish.

I had never seen this finish before and liked it very much.

Rose garden outside the main entrance.

Backyard Pergola

Properly vine covered brick exterior.


  • Looks like a fun place to stay. Also looks like a great wedding venue (pergola ceremony) for a small group that could take over the whole thing. Great description of your climb to the chamber.

    In the photo with the teenager, what is the window on the back wall? One of the curious features of an old house.

  • Kait:

    Did your family have the place to yourselves? It looks like a wonder place. I would love to live there.

    • Rechelle:

      It was us and my mother in law. The first night, my MIL stayed there by herself and she described how she went over to the house alone when it was dark and crept up that long staircase by herself and slept in that big old house alone and how she felt like a little old lady in some gothic novel or movie. It was pretty funny.

  • Sara:

    During our one and only B&B stay the owners held us hostage over breakfast (we were the only guests) droning on and on and on about the activities and politics of the local volunteer fire department. My eyes are rolling back in my head as I type…

    • Rechelle:

      I have yet to meet a B and B host who didn’t love to talk. I suppose these are the sorts who would choose a life of hosting strangers in their homes. I guess the trick is figuring out how to sneak in and out of the house without getting caught – almost as if you are the host’s teenage kids.

  • km:

    I think that marbley wall might be Venetian plaster. My sis has it in one of her rooms