June 15th, 2012

We had a massive rain storm last night. Foolishly, I had left my car parked in the driveway and since we do not have an attached garage, was forced to hustle out into the storm. I was worried that the storm would eventually produce some hail. Lightning was literally crashing on three sides of our property. I clutched a half broken umbrella in my fist to keep some of the deluge off of me, but not only was the broken umbrella flapping like mad in the wind, I was terrified that the metal knob on the top of it was going to pull a bolt of lightning right down on top of my head. So I am running to the barn scared witless with a crazily flapping umbrella that is going to kill me, sloshing through the puddles, getting wetter and wetter. When I finally reach the car, I fling myself inside, wrestling the umbrella from the wind into the vehicle after me. I then pulled my car inside and faced the storm down again to pull the CD’s truck inside. Finally, I checked the make sure the cats had food and water and took a minute to catch my breath while thunder boomed and lightning crashed and the fled back to the house. The CD looked at me as I drug my sopping carcass through the house. “Is it raining that hard outside?” he said looking me over.

And that’s when I jabbed him through the heart with one of the broken ribs of the deadly umbrella.

In other news…

The rain washed everything clean, filled up the pond, and gave me a cool morning to go outside and cut some flowers. So I did.

I’ve got Helenium, Rudbeckia, and cone flowers on the kitchen table.

Oregano, dill and cilantro over the kitchen sink…

Some blossoming sage in the bathroom.

But the piece de’ resistance has got to be the bouquet in the study…

I pulled the tiny white flowers with the yellow eye out of the meadow surrounding my garden. I’m not even sure what that flower is called.

There’s a bit of oregano in it (the purplish/mauveish flowers) and the pink is Red Valerian.

Topped off with a little bit of cilantro and a few stems of Russian sage.

It’s my favorite bouquet of the year so far.

I love a wild looking mass of flowers.


  • Sara:

    Do the little white flowers have kind of feathery leaves and a really strong skunk smell when you crush them? Because they kind of look like dog fennel to me… Whatever they are, that bouquet is my favorite too!

  • When I was a youngster and read DuMaurier’s “Rebecca” for the first time I remember thinking that only rich women in manor houses had cutting gardens and bouquets of fresh flowers all over the house. I was envious knowing that I would never be a rich woman in a manor house. I don’t remember exactly when the light bulb came on but now I try to always have fresh flowers in the house, even in winter if I have to buy little flowering plants or something. I’m still not wealthy but I do have lots and lots of flower beds to cut from and that makes my life very rich.

  • linda:

    Rechelle, Your flowers are beautiful! Thanks for taking the time to take pictures of them and sharing with us! We have a large yard (3+ acres) which is mostly trees. My husband loves trees. We have over 5,000. Just now, my husband came up to me here at the computer and said that he was going outside. I asked him what he was going to do. He said he was going to out and cut off a limb. I turned around quickly and said that it had better be a tree limb. :)

  • Syl:

    Gorgeous bouquets! The little flowers with the yellow center look to me like they might be daisy fleabane.

  • Beautiful. I wish I could grow things here that look like that, but the climate is so unpredictable that I’ve killed almost everything I’ve tried to grow. No, wait, I did kill everything. Yep.

    But I keep trying. I want flowers in my house, too.


  • Kait:

    They are all very beautiful. :) Hope the CD has recovered.

  • AmeliaJake:

    These bouquets are really “stop for a minute and just look” beautiful.

  • JudyB:

    Be thankful for the rain–here in my county in Indiana, no rain for about a month. This is farm country.