Son Jack Gets Kicked off School Bus!

May 11th, 2012

Not really!

Jack didn’t really get kicked off the school bus.  I was just practicing my Huffington Post front page tractor beam article title writing skills.

But Jack did get in trouble on the bus today.  I know!  You are so dying to hear about it!  Especially after I published that scintillating story on Ethan and the theater make-up and Calder’s prom photos!  But seriously!  This Jack bus story is sooooo worth telling.  Plus extremely brief!

Jack took a water bottle to school today for a class field trip.  After school, when he got on the bus to go home, he still had a bit of water left in his bottle.  Upon realizing his good fortune, Jack decided to very unwisely squirt his friend as he passed by him on the bus.  The friend, feeling water land on him and seeing Jack laughing cried foul and told the bus driver that had Jack spit on him!  Jack said, “I didn’t spit on him!  I squirted some water on him from my water bottle!”

In spite of Jack’s protestations, the bus driver told Jack that he was going to have to sit in the front seat of the bus for the rest of the school year.  Jack tried to explain his case a bit more and that is when the bus driver stared him down and intoned the ancient phrase, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

To which Jack replied, “EXACTLY!  If my friend had squirted water on me, I would NEVER have told on HIM!”


  • Kait:

    Some friend.
    I love your stories. :)

  • Vee:

    Love it, also I agree with your son. I wouldn”t have tattled either.

  • susan:

    i love hearing about your family and Jacks rationale is spot on.