May 2nd, 2012

New Sherlock episodes are airing this Sunday on PBS.

I certainly hope you have plans to watch it.

The first season was fabulous.

Even my boys are looking forward to the new episodes.

They are going to watch PBS with their mom!


And I don’t even have to MAKE THEM!

Seriously though, if you haven’t caught any of the new Sherlock shows on PBS, I am going to have to insist that you correct this grave oversight by watching the latest installments this Sunday.

And that is all I have to say about that.


  • Spinny:


    I recently caught up by watching the first season on Netflix. I love the updated Sherlock. It stays true to the original source in a modern era.

    I thought I was going to have to wait months and months for the second season.

  • Full episodes will probably also be available on PBS’s Sherlock site

    There are previews and extras there also.

  • Carol:

    Agreed. We have been counting the days!,,

  • Kait:

    Oh it is on my calendar already. I was so ecstatic to hear they were coming back. I seriously love that Cumberbatch. I mean he is perfect. :)
    After Jeremy Brett died I figured I would love no other Sherlock. This show has proven me wrong.

  • JenW:

    Oh, wow! Oh, wow! I follow people in the UK, and I kept trying to avoid spoilers. Sooooo excited!

  • I finally figured out how to put this in my DVR. I’m totally excited to finally see it.

  • Kay in KCMO:

    I’ve been looking forward to this for months. I hope it’s as good as the first season because that was terrific. Like Kait, I thought Jeremy Brett was going to be my sole Sherlock love, but the comely Mr. Cumberbatch has proved himself worthy of my admiration.

  • June g.:

    I have been dying for it to finally come to American t.v.! I watched the first season on my iPad. My wish has come true:)

  • AlysonRR:

    Thanks for telling me – you’re the first place I saw the info, so I quickly added it to my DirecTV queue.