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We have a feral mama cat who hangs around the Garden Center.

Because we feed her.

And talk to her.

She won’t let us touch her or get closer to her than a few feet.

But she seems to like our company enough to skulk around making demands and sleeping in sunny spots in the greenhouse.

She had a batch of kittens a few months ago.

She hid them in the sale barn which is located behind the Garden Center.

The guys at the sale barn also look out for mama kitty.

Between the sale barn guys and the Garden Center girls, mama kitty has a pretty plush life for a wild cat.

When the kittens got old enough, Darla went out with a big box and brought them into the green house.

We offered kittens to several customers as they shopped for plants, but there were no takers.

Although how you could resist them is beyond me.

Eventually, all but two of them were claimed and taken into good homes.

I took the remaining two kittens to a local vet where we were assured they would easily find placements for them.

So mama kitty is kind of lost and alone right now.

She spent her first few days of freedom anxiously searching the Garden Center for her babies.

I felt for her.

It must be awful hard to lose six of your young all on the same day.

There are plans in the works to try and catch her and get her fixed.

But if we are forced to deal with another batch of her babies…

Somehow I think we will manage.