Just When My Parents Thought it was Safe to Read my Blog Again….

May 15th, 2012

An atheist’s perspective on the bible. Loved this so much that I had to post it. Got it on Reddit. Made me laugh really hard. Would certainly credit artist if I could figure out who it was. Can’t seem to put subject in sentences today. Enjoy!


  • Spinny:

    I also saw this on reddit and giggled at the sad truths, but disagreed a little with the title it was given. I think it was “How God looks to an atheist reading the bible.”

    Some of the frames (New Orleans, SIDS, appearing on toast) are arguments/claims made by Christians but aren’t directly in the bible.

    I know, I’m nitpicking.

    • Rechelle:

      I had the exact same thought Spinny. The title is completely wrong, but the slides highly entertaining.