Ethan Explores the Mysteries of Make-Up

May 9th, 2012

Ethan’s show debuts this weekend.  He needed to bring his own stage make-up to dress rehearsal.  I had a bag of make-up stored away from when my kids were still cute and little and in some children’s theater programs.  Ethan located the bag and brought it downstairs and began to rummage through it asking me all sorts of questions about what to do with it.

“What is this stuff mom?  How do you put it on?  Are any of these things foundation?  The director says we need foundation.  What does foundation do?  Is this eyeliner brown or black?  What is the purpose of eyeliner?  Why do we need stage make-up anyway?  How am I supposed to know how to put this stuff on?”

I answered his questions and assured him that there would be a make-up person there to help him get ready.

Then I asked him if there would be a make-up person there to help him get ready.

He said that there would be and I instantly decided to deliver my son’s make-up education into the hands of the make-up person and not try and teach him myself.

I am sure that the make-up person would much rather work with a “neutral palette”, than one that has been informed by the opinions of the actor’s mother.

But then I went ahead and gave him a few of my “stage make-up” pointers anyway.

“Don’t let them make you look like a clown.  You just need to apply enough color to combat the washed out effect of the stage lights… unless they are intentionally trying to make you look like clowns, then nevermind, but the point is usually just to improve your color on stage… so don’t over do it…blah, blah, blah…”

Ethan has now been properly informed by his mother’s opinions on stage make-up.

But that’s okay…

Neutral palettes are terribly boring.