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Bar Bingo

May 23rd, 2012

The worst part about working in a Garden Center in a college town is not the “expert customers” who are desperate to impart their planty wisdom upon your sun dried head, nor the occasions when we are required to fit a nine foot tree into the back of a Prius. The worst part about working at a Garden Center is not the lack of air conditioning on days over a hundred degrees, nor the non-stop attempt to keep the shelves clear of fly poop and spider webs. No. None of these things can be the worst part about working at a Garden Center in a college town, because the worst part is the college kids who work at the Garden Center for several years and then leave!

They graduate and then….


Or they get better jobs elsewhere and


Or they follow a significant other to a new town and they


They go off to other jobs in far away places like New Mexico and New Jersey and Kansas City!

And they leave us behind!

They don’t take us WITH THEM!

And we are left alone… and shivering… on a dirt road to nowhere…

To pick up the broken pieces without their smiling faces

And without their tinkling laughter

And their jaunty dance moves

And their Broadway show tunes!

And we miss them very much.

To say goodbye to all the kids that were leaving this year, we went out to dinner and then to something called “Bar Bingo”.

I am afraid that I have never before attended a “Bar Bingo” and was not exactly excited about going.

I am not really a “Bar Bingo” kind of girl.

I tried to get everyone interested in doing something other than “Bar Bingo”.

“How about we go to the Bluestem Bistro and sit on the veranda and order the hummus platter and drink cold white wine whilst listening to smooth jazz as we talk about our dreams?” I said.

But no one listened to me.

They all wanted to go to Bar Bingo.

And so to Bar Bingo we did go.

And lo…

I did learn much at Bar Bingo.

I learned that if the “caller” of the Bingo numbers rolls double numbers, he then will shout, “DRINK!”

And lo…

Everyone will else will also yell, “DRINK!”

But no one will actually drink anything.  They will just yell drink and wait for the next number to be called.

And if the next number is B7, the caller will say the words “honey badger” and then he will shout, “DRINK!” because somehow these things are all connected and it took me a while to figure out how exactly they were connected, which was further complicated by how frequently I was being instructed to “DRINK!”, but evidently the honey badger is an animal that “just don’t care” and there is also a college football player named Tyrann Matthieu who also “just don’t care” who sports the number “7″ on his LSU football jersey and both Tyrann and the honey badger exhibit this “just don’t care attitude” by doing crazy stuff like getting stung all over by bees while breaking into a hive for honey and going to battle with a cobra and getting bitten several times and then winning the cobra battle and of course eating the now dead cobra and then passing out from being poisoned from the cobra venom but then waking back up and eating the rest of the cobra.

So to be a honey badger is to be somewhat immune to severe discomfort in order to get what you want.

I am nothing like a honey badger.

Except that I was enduring Bar Bingo in order to say a proper goodbye to the youngsters who were taking their leave of the Garden Center.

Here’s Cassie C.

She actually left last winter, but she came back to say goodbye to Brady.

That’s Brady standing beside her.

The top photo is Brady and Justin on either side of Melissa.

Brady and Justin are leaving, but Melissa can’t ever leave.

Melissa is stuck at the Garden Center forever.

Which probably makes Melissa the most honey badgerest of us all.

But we are all going to miss Brady, Cassie C and Justin.

There will simply be less sunshine at the Garden Center without them around.

May is a month of insanity. Between graduations, gardening, Mother’s day, end of the school year band concerts, plays, ceremonies, and in our house we have kids in soccer, baseball and track and a few of them are in all of these sports AT THE SAME TIME! Fortunately, the month of May is about over and it looks like we are going to survive it. In addition to all the other goings on around here, I decided to fix up an area of foundation plantings in front of the house. I was never satisfied with what used to be in this spot and have long wanted to tear everything out and start over. This Spring, I finally tackled this project. I built a stone pathway to the hose, tore out some old shrubs that looked terrible, planted a few new ones, added three Hostas as “filler” and jabbed some flowering Vinca in the remaining bare spots. Check out the photo!

I know!
It’s not much to look at when you consider all the work involved, but I think by the end of the summer it will start to fill in a bit and look pretty good and then in a few years… well you just wait. I think it is going to look great and certainly better than what was here.

The shrubs I planted around the stone walk are two oak leaf hydrangeas, one pink diamond hydrangea, and a red wing viburnum.

Ridiculously excited about the Red Wing Viburnum.  It’s got all sorts of bells and whistles.  Spring flowers, red tipped leaves and in the fall a nice bright red color.  How can one possibly ask a shrub to do more?  Oh!  How about flower all season in large conical blooms that slowly urn from creamy white to pink to red?  Why that would be your Oak Leaf Hydrangea!  A shrub that I may or may not have had a hot steamy affair with during my first season as a Garden Center employee.  Trust me, you don’t want to know.  But what about a massive shrub that will form an excellent backdrop to all the other plants in this area, cover the two unattractive gaping holes underneath the porch and be covered in blooms all summer long?  Oh!  Why that would be the Pink Diamond Hydrangea!  So yes!  I am kind of a genius when it comes to choosing a shrubbery!  This can’t possibly be bragging when it is simply the truth!

In other news…

I picked my first batch of beets today.

Just call me Dwight Schrute!

Beets are very pretty plants, but I am struggling with finding a way to prepare them that doesn’t involve sugar and vinegar.  Not really interested in borscht either.  I don’t mind a few cold beets in a salad, and I can eat a few roasted beets, but surely there are other interesting ways to prepare this veggie.  If anyone has any recipes, please help!  I’ve got tons of these things in my garden!


I went antiquing with my mom this past winter and purchased the above flower vase.

I have been very excited to put this vase to use and today was the day!

I tramped around the yard cutting cone flowers, Victoria blue salvia, Helenium, Russian sage, and yarrow.

And here’s the first bouquet of the year!

Isn’t that vase great!

I am so glad I bought it.

I’ve said this many times before, but I really do love growing flowers so much more than veggies.

Sometimes I think about chucking over the vegetable garden and just going all flowers all the time.

Because this whole beet thing…

It’s just not turning my crank.

An atheist’s perspective on the bible. Loved this so much that I had to post it. Got it on Reddit. Made me laugh really hard. Would certainly credit artist if I could figure out who it was. Can’t seem to put subject in sentences today. Enjoy!