Converting to the Sax

April 5th, 2012

My youngest son will start school band next year. He really wants to play the saxophone, but I really want him to play the trumpet. His brother Drew plays the trumpet and between the two of us, we have been tag teaming Jack to give up his mellow, mournful saxophone dreams and switch over to the brighter happier notes of brass. Sadly, we weren’t making much progress. Jack is a stubborn little stick. So naturally I did what every parent does in times of trial. I turned to YouTube. Surely I thought if I played some excellent videos of trumpet solos up against some videos of bleak, moody saxophone videos, Jack would come to see that saxophones are not nearly as fun as trumpets and he would go along with his mother and do what she wants him to do.

That was my first mistake.

After watching the following video, I have been officially converted to the saxophone. These guys are having way too much fun.

Evidently, the video happened under completely random circumstances. A girl is walking down a NY street with some friends. She passes two guys who are holding saxophones. She asks them to play her a tune. They comply.


  • Clay:

    This is great! You always come up with such interesting stuff. I like the way the guy in the distance keeps watching as they walk away.

  • JenW:

    Love the dogs at the end. But..I’m not a big fan of the saxophone. Trumpet trumps sax in my book (but I prefer the clarinet overall).

    But I admire anyone who can play any instrument!

  • Dorothy:

    My husband played the trumpet. My three kids played the trumpet. 2 grands played/plays the trumpet and one grandson played the sax. He wanted to be different.

  • Leslie:

    My kids go to a magnet school where they can start band in 3rd grade. My son is in 4th grade and started this year (this is our first year at this school). He chose Trombone. Why? I have no idea. Now he wants to switch to trumpet. I think he wants to switch mostly because the trombone case is almost as big as he is and he hates hauling it around (a drawback to the Sax also to some degree). The advantage to the trombone is that hardly anyone else plays it (there are only two in his level as compared to 8 trumpet players) so it appeals to my son’s need to be different.

  • LucyJoy:

    I love it!

  • Carol:

    My now 42 year old son played baritone sax from grade six through college, in jazz groups mostly (he attended a performing arts middle/high school). Even scored a partial college scholarship. Seeing the joy exhibited by those two young men made me remember how much fun it had. He still plays sax occasionally, but these days plays mostly guitar in a rock & roll band with his dad, brother and a couple of friends.

  • Sax In The City!! I love it! Anything goes on the streets of New York and I love that!