Where We Stayed In Little Rock

March 26th, 2012

Our trip to Little Rock was a last minute affair. Just a few weeks before Spring break, we decided to drive to Texas to see the CD’s brother in Dallas. But the CD’s brother in Dallas, did not want to spend their last weekend of Spring break at home. They wanted to go somewhere and so we decided to meet up somewhere.  We started throwing around a few ideas about where we could meet up and eventually we decided on Little Rock.

There was one major reason for this decision.

The CD has a good old friend in Little Rock with a very large house that has a pool and a hot tub.

This good old friend is also friends with the CD’s brother as well as the CD’s brother-in-law so when all three of our families showed up on his doorstep looking for a place to crash with all of our kids for three nights, he didn’t even blink an eye. He just opened up his house and welcomed us.

It was awesome.

The CD’s friend’s house was beautiful and comfortable and located in a gorgeous old neighborhood right in the heart of Little Rock.

I took several walks around his neighborhood and took photos of his neighbor’s homes.

It was springtime. Everything was beginning to bloom. The air was warm and scented with fresh blossoms. Here are a few of my favorite houses…

The Conquistador

Flagstone Fairytale

AKA The Stone Cyclops.

Tulips with stone wall

Stony Point

Get it?



How clever is that?

Lions En Garde!

Don’t worry!

They are only statues.

Jane Austen does Little Rock

Jane had the best fountain in the hood.

Of course.

Some of the other neighbors tried to have a fountain as good as Jane’s…

But they did not even come close.

I loved this striped awning.

It made me want to march in the house and demand a French pastry.

This house was so tidy you could eat a French pastry off of it.

Oh! And LOOKY! Here’s a house right next door where you can get a French pastry!
How lucky is that?!

Ooh La la!

Tres Bien!

Jenny Say Kwoh.

These fancy neighborhoods bring out the French in me.

Evidently this neighborhood in Little Rock is sometimes referred to as “The Pink Streets”, but I don’t really know that for sure.

And one of these homes may or may not belong to a branch of the Dilliards family of the Dilliards Department store.

Again, do not quote me on that.

I only write things that I hear, not things that are true.  Ha ha.

I will try and post a few photos of our host’s house in a day or two, but they all turned out kind of crappy.

Evidently I am not a professional interior design photographer.

Who knew?


  • Kait:

    Is that a real bird on Jane’s fountain? It sure looks like a real bird.

    • Rechelle:

      Yes, the bird is real. I think you could say that Jane “put a bird on it.”

  • JenW:

    Beautiful neighborhood. Love the house with the lion statues.

    (Your color-skewed photos are giving me practice on Photoshop! I’m not very good at it yet.)

  • Clay:

    Wow, really fancy! How do you find these places? I lived in Little Rock for five years and never say any of these houses. Always thouight the Quapaw Quarter with the governors mansion was the posh neighborhood. But that was quite a while ago.