This is what March Madness Looks Like at our House

March 26th, 2012

It’s tense.

Very tense.

At times – desperate.

Focus is key.

Sometimes they beg.

They grimace and grovel.

And then…


KU takes the lead!

And holds on to it….

Just barely ahead….

And scores yet again!

It’s like a pressure cooker in here.

Can we hang on until the end?


Even the Country Doctor can’t contain himself!

KU is decidedly whipping some Tarheel butt at this point.

We can all relax a little bit…

KU defeats North Carolina for a trip to the Final Four in New Orleans

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!


  • Your boys are getting so big.

    Notice how these photos are not blue like the house photos? Unless you had it serviced between then and these, your white balance setting is for indoor tungsten light and needs to be changed to sunlight when you are outside. The other option is the auto white balance. I just learned this myself from my kid when I got my new camera. Passing it on….

  • These scenes look very familiar. Rock Chalk!

  • Kathy from NJ:

    Where is the other son (#2 son?)?

    • PJCarz:

      Maybe he’s a Mizzou fan ? JUST KIDDING!

    • Rechelle:

      Ethan watched the game at his girlfriend’s house which is also his best friend’s house which makes his life very interesting at the moment.

      • PJCarz:

        All kidding aside, I never understood all the hate between KS Jayhawks and MU Tigers. I know the history, but, why the hate? That never made sense to me, but then, maybe that’s just me.

        Will be watching the Beakers tonight, and I kind of hope they win. (DO NOT REPOST!)

        Sorry, I cannot repeat that evil chant. But I do have a hateful joke I could tell regarding same, but shall refrain on account of friendship.

        good luck.

  • poppy:

    This is the funniest thing EVER!

  • Kay in KCMO:

    This tournament has been so freakin’ stressful. We should not have gotten this far with this team. Even the die-hards weren’t hoping for a Final Four because it just wasn’t realistic.

    Jack doesn’t look nearly stressed enough. Someone might need to have a talk with him. :)

  • Kait:

    Looks just like me just during Hockey games. I chant as well – low slow and serious as hell. But then again the chanting can get a bit high pitched whilst plotting the demise of the officials.

  • Axelle the french reader:

    … This is international ;) My husband and his 3 brothers do the same for rugby.

  • km:

    UConn Huskies here. Same look but more uptight New Englandy. Just kidding. We looked like this at the Giants Patriots game.

  • CD:

    I just scrolled through these pictures again. They confirm what we’ve long feared. Jack is unflappable, an ice-blooded assassin.

  • PJCarz:

    Scary to have a KU friend (though, I must say, you are not the first; only the public one).

    Husband is about to disown me, but I’m rooting for the funky bird tonight.