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Arkansas Travellin’

March 18th, 2012

We are on a little trip through Arkansas for Spring Break.

I will write more on it later, but wanted to post a few pics because this state is too beautiful not to share.

These photos were all taken on a hike in the vicinity of the Buffalo River. My camera is not working very well and all of my photos have a strange blue cast, so I have edited them in various colors just for the fun of it. Otherwise, Arkansas would look like it is covered in a blue sadness that never goes away and trust me – it is not. It is a gorgeous state that happens to be bursting with spring color at this moment.

The forsythia is obscene.

And I haven’t yet taken a single photo of it because every time I pass a giant, glowing, bright yellow, Arkansas forsythia, I think – oh… well… there will be another one soon.

If I get home without a shot of this Arkansas forsythia, I am never going to forgive myself.

In the meantime – enjoy a bit of the cliffs overlooking the Buffalo!

Game On!

March 11th, 2012

But it had to be posted.
Even without the ludicrous subject matter and the over wrought furry harmonizing vocals, the visuals alone are enough to make me want to emigrate immediately to the Netherlands.

“We’ve got a man who understands that God gave a bill of rights.”

What does that even mean?

Are they talking about the actual bill of rights?

Or are they saying that the bible is somehow a bill of rights?

But most importantly – why is that drummer smiling so insanely?

And what is up with the dad on stage with the seemingly out of control joy?

And what is that sister doing with that flag and sexy walk on the side of the road?