Little Rock Bridge

March 27th, 2012

I know nothing about this bridge.

Except that it is in Little Rock, Arkansas close to a pub where I had just drank several fine glasses of beer.


  • Clay:

    Oh, this is one of the pedestrian bridges arcross the Arkansas River. The city did a very good job of developing the land along the river as creatively designed parks in some spots, with winding walkways, shelters and grassy knolls and such. They are now filled with disgustingly athletic people of all ages who stride and bike purposfully about. It all looks very clean and wholesome.

    One of the bridges is called The Big Dam Bridge. Because there was a dam there before. I think the one in your picture is close to the Clinton Presidential Library. On President Clinton Avenue. By Clinton Presidential Park Bridge. The library was a lot better looking and more interesting than I expected when we visited a couple years ago.